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Monday, March 1, 2004

CNE postpones one more day. They don't care about what happens... I think they are playing with fire, but what do I know.
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Radio says that the Av. Valle-Coche, a supposed strong hold of chavismo, has been closed by the opposition... This is big.
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[Thanks Omar]

Well, Venezuela has skipped some of those steps, but still it is a good point of view.

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So far, government officials have followed the usual script that every government has... "We responded to violent attacks", "We will have control shortly", "this are isolated places", the twist of course, is saying that this is "only happening in the east of Caracas", "The poor have stayed away". I was about to believe them when my heroic mayor came to my rescue. Bernal admitted to several "isolated" places where violence erupts, between 5pm and 11pm. Funny thing, all of them in Municipio Libertador (west part of Caracas). Including confirmation of some I heard about, but not of those I have seen with my own eyes! Great! Thanks, Bernal, You are a pal!

He then followed the usual script outlined above, but he ended with a film of an "attack" of something called Comando Ayacucho. The film leaves no doubt the place was attacked, but he tries to implicate persons that were simply walking by and protecting themselves from the tear gas... What a bad production! Compared to the Political Police with Sky masks, the old ladys look really threatening! Yeah, right.

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Foolishly, I had been a bit optimistic that the violence in the streets would produce some positive negotiation with the Electoral Council. The latest news has dashed all my hopes. Th president of the council has said that the OAS and the Carter Center are leaving, because one of the opposition members of the council talked to the press. My guess is they were told to leave and things will go downhill from here. No recall and no elections this year... That's my bet.
Update: I hadn't finished publishing the news when it was denied... It was simply a lie by Carrasquero... It's still perplexing and depressing. I have little hope of a peaceful resolution..
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