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Sunday, February 29, 2004

With the stupid tricks used to try to avoid the referendum, the government is showing the truth about its own numbers. Doesn't matter how many people went to the government march today. If the numbers were even closed the recall would have go ahead, or at least avoided with more solid reasoning. Chávez increase in polls has reach its peak, it's down hill from here...
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CNE approves rules for sigantures under observation..
[The Devil's Excrement]

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Unsuccessful summit

G15 leaders end Venezuela summit. The G15 group of developing nations makes limited process at a summit in Caracas.

The discussions were overshadowed by events on the streets when anti-government protestors clashed with National Guard troops on Friday. There were two fatalities and dozens of injuries.

[BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

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Today the government is having a march in a vain attempt to prove they still have support to the G15 delegates. There was a time when the government could make and win this argument, but that time has passed. Not because government support lacks numbers (they are still the biggest, single, political group) but, rather, by the stupidity of its own actions. Of course they may have a lot of people, perhaps even more than in Fridays opposition march, but it is easier to go to a march that will not be attacked by the army. It is much harder to march knowing that you may end up in jail, injured, gassed, or, even, killed. The government lost the moral and human part of this argument. Since friday I have also decided to change the language. Since the government is using government means for political battles, I can no longer, in good faith, talk about "officialist" or "government supporters", the fight is between the opposition and the government. Period.
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