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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Spirit of '73
An absurd nostalgia sweeps the globe
By Tim Cavanaugh

A more restrained New World version of this rusty iron-man model can be seen in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez took a case of economic malaise and socialized it into full-blown economic metastasis.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon?s application of Yom Kippur War tactics to the age of suicide bombers has helped send record numbers of both Israelis and Palestinians to heaven. By all appearances, Yasir Arafat hasn?t changed his clothes in 30 years.

In such sterling company, President Bush is far from the most objectionable case, but he is certainly the saddest. With a crabbed combination of compulsive secrecy, protective tariffs, erosion of privacy, an expanded federal role in education, and the creation of a new cabinet-level agency, the Bush administration recalls the grimly alienating and ideology-free Nixon administration more than it does the sunny, confident Reagan legacy to which it lays claim.

None of this would matter if it were as easy to ignore government as it was a few years ago. While the free market was busy developing cellular telephony, the consumer Internet, a high-employment global economy, and 24-hour mattress delivery, it was possible to forget for a while that leaders of nations were still working on the political equivalent of the swine flu vaccine. But the ability to keep the government out of your life and plans is yet another casualty of 9/11. Is it a relief or a pity that Spiro Agnew isn?t around to replace Dick Cheney on Bush?s ?04 ticket?

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For those who think there is no torture or dictatorship in Venezuela. Read this. Three soldiers, plus a lady that was with them, who frequented Plaza Altamira, were kidnapped, tortured and killed...
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