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Monday, January 6, 2003

Power to the Privileged. The combination of laissez-faire capitalism and free elections can create political and economic instability. By Amy Chua. [New York Times: Opinion]

It is dreadful that people like Prof. Amy Chua can't get rid of their own brand of prejudice and american centrism. It is hard for them to understand a mixed race society like Venezuela. It is easier to put Venezuela in the mold of a preconceive theory. The fight in Venezuela isn't white against black or poor against rich. It is most of the population against a corrupt and inefficient government that has broken its promise and the law.

Chávez isn't black, nor has he ever been poor. He grew up middle class, but his clothes, watches and privileges clearly indicate his lust for wealth. He doesn't care about the poor, only about himself.

According to the latest polls more that 70% of the Venezuelan population is against Chávez. In a country with poverty reaching 68% of the population and a high percentage of mixed race, this clearly indicate that a lot of the poor and "pardos" are against Chávez.

The process of rebellion we are living in Venezuela is new, but won't be unique. Failure to understand it, won't prevent its extension to other countries in the future.

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A joke on Chávez... in spanish
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