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Saturday, January 4, 2003

The police is saying the module was attacked... It will be easy to find the truth tomorrow by asking the neighbors that have a view of the area.
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Shots and tear gas was fired very near my house. The conflict was between the metropolitan police (there is a module near by) and government supporters attending a funeral of two young guys that were the victims from yesterday violence. Will the violence end?
The government is accusing the metropolitan police of the deaths...
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Give peace a chance — maintain your own weblog!. Final Thoughts for 2002

Give peace a chance — maintain your own weblog!

If everyone in the world had a weblog, then we could eliminate a lot of the fear of the unknown that fuels prejudice. Anywhere you go people are more alike than they are different. If everyone had a weblog, then this would be more obvious to everyone. It could even lead to World peace.

Thank you for blogging!
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Couldn't agree more!

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Two shot dead in Venezuela clashes. At least two people die of gunshot wounds in Caracas following clashes between opponents and supporters of President Chavez. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

This article shows that paradoxically yesterday events were a victory for the opposition. The New York Times has said clearly for the first time several things about the venezuelan government. This leaves the opposition on a strong foot... If government supporters could realize this they wouldn't do what they did yesterday. I mean, if they have let the march proceed it would just have been another march, no biggie... Now, they have again inflamed the opposition, which is acting too prudently for a lot of people tastes...

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