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Monday, April 15, 2002

Teodoro Petkoff makes a deep analysis of the situation. Makes me realized how little I understand of the deep things that have happened. He is asking president Chavez to think about why a coup was so successful. He's asking the opposition to think about all the mistakes created by not following the constitution. He says that yeterdays rumors, where just that rumors. Carlos Ortega of the conference union is talking now. He is criticizing the arrests and the problems at the cuban embassy. Very clearly he is right. He says the armed forces acted correctly by demanding the resignation letter of president Chavez, which didn't exists and strongly critical of the dissolution of the public powers.
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How many sad days can we stand?

Globovision has news from newspapers. Looting in a lot of places. The police was not on the streets. More that 40 dead, 300 hurt. The National Guard is now on the streets.
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Who is president this morning?

Normal noise can be heard around the city this morning. But the information consists only of rumors and nothing is certain. I don't want to post what I have heard, because I doubt it is true. No news in Television. I will wait to see if there are newspapers.
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