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Sunday, April 14, 2002

Pot banging against Chavez in Caracas...
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It isn't over

There are a lot of rumors going around Caracas today. Looting in several parts of the city. Unconfirmed rebellion of some militaries, including Lucas Rincon. Chavez is not in Caracas. Several journalist and owners of TV, radio and newspapers are either in jail or in hands of the Circulos Chavistas. The news blackout continues, so this are all rumors. I am very tired from yesterday night, I am going to sleep. I've decided not to go out of my house until the newspaper is delivered.
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Federico Reinfeld: "Thanks for the links to the Venezuelan crisis. As a Venezuelan in the United States, the lack of information was a very painful situation. This is what weblogs are made for. Thanks again! Muchas Gracias por Radio!"  [Scripting News]
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Final Analysis

At the end, I think we were dupe. My wife saw it from the start, I only saw it after the fact. Hindsight is 20/20, Oy. We were told Chavez didn't have the people with him, we were told he didn't have the army, and, more irresponsible, we were told he had resign. These lies changed our perception of reality.
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How to heal my country?

We need to start some kind of healing process. Something like a march for non violence, unity and remembrance of the people who died the last few days. Is this possible? Are our leaders mature enough to manage this?
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Chavez Reclaims Venezuelan Presidency. Hugo Chavez was freed by his military captors today and reclaimed the Venezuelan presidency two days after the military said he had resigned. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]
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The Blackest Night

I have spent the worst night of my life. Rumors of riots and looting a mere four blocks from my house, made me very afraid. I decided to turn off the lights and lock everything, including internal doors in my house and look for things to defend myself. First time in my life that I have regreted being anti gun.
I spent the night waking up every 5 to 15 minutes checking on my kids and my perimeter.
I could hear explosions and yelling, it is not clear if it was just a celebration. I am pretty sure there were gun shots.
I am very tired and very worried about the future, especially for my kids. I won't write much today, I simply can't...
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