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Friday, April 12, 2002

Difference of Perception About Venezuela

There is a big difference of perception between the news in Venezuela and the news outside, especially with european news sources. There are discussions on whether this was a coup or not. The reason is that the Organization of American States, must punish Venezuela if this was a coup... I really couldn't care less. There has to be a recognized principle of rebellion against a corrupt, violent government.
On the other hands, some development are less auspicious, the anger has taken control of the people. Some government officials have been arrested and beaten. The Cuban embassy is surrounded after rumors that some government officials are hiding there. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I don't really think it is worth an international incident. Even if this people are in the embassy and then leave, living in Cuba is punishment enough. On the other hand, I hate the Cuban dictatorship with all my heart and what they did to Venezuela with the help of the traitor Chavez should receive punishment.
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Rumor has it that the mayor and all high officials of the County of Petare in the eastern part of Caracas have abandoned their posts. Their offices are empty and their functions are being taken over by an ad hoc committee. What lack of shame. Amazing.
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ex Secretary of Interior and Justice deteined

Isais Rodriguez Chacín, ex Secretary of Interior and Justice, has been detained in the house of a lover. People were calling him killer, criminal and worse things...
Will the criminals learn that lies and crimes does not pay?
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The killers and its acomplices

Richard Peñalver and Henry Atenzio shot the demonstrators from a bridge, this criminal killers have been captured.
They are not the only guilty party. Anyone that was inside in Miraflores (the presidential palace) is equally guilty. Here are some of the names: José Vicente Rangel, María Cristina Iglesias, Juan Barreto, William Lara, Aristobulo Isturiz, Nelson Merentes, Freddy Bernal. This and others are guilty, together with Hugo Chavez Frias of the most objectionable crime you can commit: Fostering the killing of innocent people. I hope they get what they deserve. Forget revenge, but remember what happened, if there is justice, let it be.
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Even tomorrow there is a future too

Venezuelan President Forced to Resign. Venezuela's military leadership forced President Hugo Chavez to resign Friday after a day of violence in which pro-Chavez gunmen clashed with 150,000 opposition protesters. By The Associated Press. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

This article is good, if short on detail. The figure of 150.000 marchers seems low, but what do I know? I am worried about what will happen now, but I don't think the situation will be worse.

The relief I feel is enormous. I was afraid to talk about Chavez to my 7 year old twins, for fear someone would hurt them. I told the boy this morning that we got rid of Chavez and he said "I hope the next president is good so that we don't have to do this all over again"... I hope so too.

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We are free!

In a few hours we have felt a real roller coaster of emotions. From delighted to depressed to delighted again. What next? Some people I talked to believe we will recuperate quickly if the situation gets clear. I remember a phrase I heard a few years back: Venezuela is condemned to success.
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Chavez has left!

Caracas is celebrating with songs, pot banging, and firecrackers that Chavez has given up... I hope is true, I don't think he has any way out. I will be glad if he is finally put in jail for all his crimes.
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