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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

The day has ended with the longest pot banging this city has ever seen! It has been an amazing day. Tomorrow is the second day of the strike. Some people will spend the night in front of the PDVSA offices.
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Are we heading for a Venezuelan May?

For those of you who are old enough to remember Paris in May of 1968, what is happening in Venezuela may end up in something similar. People on the street showing a government how corrupt and obsolete it is. In France, the government overcame the protest, but at what cost?
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Big turn out in anti-government demostration

In front of the same offices where the violence broke out earlier, there is a large demonstration against the government. Everybody is talking as if this presidency is over. I don't think that is the case, there is still a big fight ahead, but it is certain they will fall down.
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The Strike has just been extended

The strike has been extended to 24 hours more, if that doesn't show the success of this strike I don't know what will.
All TV stations have made a mockery of the government announcements and censorship.
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Governtment vs Reality

Several television stations are expressing themselves in defiance of the government imposition of the national emergency system to transmit their lies.
One is showing the vicepresident saying that the strike was a failure on one half the screen, while showing the empty streets and close bussiness in the other half. It would be funny if ti weren't so tragic.
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Huge Confrontation in PDVSA

The two groups colided at one of the office buildings in Caracas. One group was pro-governtment while the other was employers of PDVSA (the venezuelan oil company). Again a reporter was hurt, the government supporters are targeting them.
Chavez is denying the big triumph of the strike. I wonder how long they can go on denying the obvious...
Some of my friends have gone to the confrontation fight. There is talk about extending the protest.
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Government officials appear on TV, the pot banging starts...
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Mideast and Venezuela Turmoil Sends Oil Prices Into Wild Swing

The silence in Caracas is eerie. Few cars are in the streets. This morning you could hear the birds singing in this city with almost 6 million inhabitants. The strike is a success. How will the government react?
My company is supporting the strike. Nice page, eh? My idea... An e-commerce site on strike, is that original or what?
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