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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Apology not accepted, you chicken-shit! They are lying they had another choice. Run the race slower and with less wing. They could have done it safely, after all what is an engineer job? To say how fast the car can safely go!
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Exclusive! Someone send me a tape of the secret meeting of the Michelin Teams where it was decided that they wouldn't run the race at Indy today. A Tyromaniac exclusive. Click here to hear it.
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Ferrari Wins! Because the Michelin Teams are chicken shit. Good going to all the teams that acted professional and did their job in this most difficult circumstance. It is still a victory, even if your rival lacks honor. Good going for Jordan and Minardi. Special congrats to Monteiro for a third place!
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Boycott Michelin!

If they can't make a tyre for F1 at Indy,
they can't make a tyre for me!

Michelin Sucks! Stop the bullies!
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The talk about that this is done "for security reasons" is simply bullshit. They could have discharge the car wings, they would not be competitive, but they can race. That's the reality, Michelin couldn't bring a competitive/safe tyre and then, like little kids, they decided not to race. They are bullies trying to get their way. This has three sides. One is rules, they are absurd, but they are it. Don't try to change it midway. Second, is the competitiveness of the car. And third is guts, racers guts. You know what? I am convinced that Michael Schumacher would have risked, would have race, would have fly on that curve and try to win. That's why he is the best of all times, that's why the others do not compare. The other racers should be striped of previous points. What a sad day for the sport.
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I will, certainly, never again buy Michelin Tyres or guides. They are thru as a brand for me. They talk about security, but they are playing with fire. I am lucky, I just got tyres last week and decided for a Yokohama set. The competition was a Michelin but it was rated for slower speeds than the Pirelis I was changing and they were more expensive.
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I hope Michelin gets banned from F1!
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Only six cars started! The other stayed in pits. This could be the end of F1! At least in the US... What a dumb thing to do. It is a scandal. I hope they get stripped all the points!
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What will the Michelin drivers do? There are a lot of rumors. The latest is that the Michelin team will enter pits after the first lap and change tyres. They will see then if they get penalize (that depends on what tyres they put on and why they made the change), but it is talk about as a rebellion. The change in the first lap has to be illegal. The FIA's official position is that Michelin is guilty of not brining different tyres (you are allowed two sets), instead they brought the same tyres on both sets. The teams may decide to just retire after the first lap. I guess now everybody sees what I mean. Was it better to have Ferrari winning all races or have a race with only six cars?
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