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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The infinitely changing Formula 1 is at it again. The hyper ridiculous tyre rules that have pushed Ferrari out of the competitive teams has created security problems and now it is creating a huge rules embarrassment. Three drivers have had problems with Michelin tyres. One of them, Ralf Schumacher, will not participate in the race due to his crash. Michelin now says that the other tyres may have a problem and they want to change all tyres! Of course, this is against the absurd rules, so the race Director (Charles Whitting) says that they'll be penalize by the race commissars. Some teams have threaten not to race and if more than six teams do not race there can be no race at all (only three teams have Bridgestone tyres). They are discussing and negotiating as we speak. One possibility is that there will be a launched start behind the safety car, that will permit the Michelin tyres to get temperature (and, hence, pressure), but it will be a concession to the Michelin using teams, thus, in compensation the Bridgestone teams will start first! Yes, the absurd rules may get us what, for some. may be a dream come true, not only and all red Ferrari first lane, but an ALL Minardi THIRD Lane! Keep changing the rules, guys, at some point you may have to declare ME a race winner and fly me there at the last minute... I hope is at Monaco, but I'll take any Grand Prix.
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