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Sunday, May 22, 2005

F1: Raikkonen cruises to win. McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen wins the Monaco GP ahead of Nick Heidfeld. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

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As usual, Monaco gives us some amazing final laps. Great race for Kimi, McLaren and even Montoya, he is still the big loser because he won't be a champion, not with McLaren, not while Kimi is there. Great race for Williams with second and third, I really do hope they are back in top. A terrible race for Alonso with an undeserved fourth place. If he is not stripped of his points we'll know something is up. Worse than losing the points is the fact that Alonso lost his cool. Three times. That's not a good omen for his chances of winning the championship. I hope he can come back... Ferrari finish less bad than we thought, and so does Montoya. But this is Monaco, in some sense it doesn't really count.

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Watching the Montecarlo race, I start thinking that there may be more to Ferarri's lack of pace than tyres. Of course, this race does not prove anything, but really, how can you explain such an awful lack of pace? Is it the car? Is it tyres? Is it that Schumacher has lost motivation? Only time will tell... McLaren is now the team to beat... Montoya is the big loser in that team. Renault is still in the fight, but clearly the startegy there is similar to Ferrari. A first driver in whom the team concentrates.

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