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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Pity that Montoya is showing he is not the great pilot we all thought he was. In a race where Kimi is winning handsomely and easily, Montoya is nowhere to be seen. Also, Williams is out of pace, especially in the second half of the race. They need a new strategy if they want to win again. Will we see Ferrari dissappear as Williams has done? Will that be good for F1? A political story nobody is talking about is that there is a rebellion coming from a lot of teams still threatening to create a new series. One team not going with the new series.... Ferrari.

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I was going to comment that there are less passes in F1 now, thanks to the new silly tyre rules that finally brought down Ferrari dominance (to the relieve of everybody, except the people who understand F1). But there are actually more! We are just not seeing them. The reason? The passes occur way out back, when a good car (today a Ferrari and a Williams) gets thrown out by one rule or another. In the front we see people preserving tyres and hence, little passing. Ferrari still dominates the stratefy, they just do not have tyres. Schumacher just broke a tyre and loses his great race, just to prove my point.

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It's impressive how fast Schumacher and Ferrari are compared to how low they are in points. It seems qualifying is a different story. McLaren also does a wonderful work, but does not finish races, lets see what happens today, Kimi is first, but Schumacher is alreay 4th behind the Renaults.

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