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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alan Turing Short Film (needs 5000 unique IPs to fully unlock). [digg]

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Damn them!

As further proof that Microsoft plan is to force you to use Windows to hear music, they have discontinue development of Windows Media Player for the Mac. The iTunes Music Store gets criticized for being closed and proprietary for not allowing other stores and players other than the iPod to use the songs it sells, but people act as if Windows wasn't proprietary, as if WMA wasn't proprietary. There is no way to listen to those files except with a Windows machine, same with some protected CDs. Windows is trying to extend its monopoly in Operating Systems to the Music Business. This is unethical and illegal. The Department of Justice should investigate. The commission from the previous judgement should put a stop to it.
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In every country, there is a group of drivers whose whole purpose in life is to get in front of you me and drive really slow...
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I saw her picture...

and I thought... Hmmm, I've seen her naked...
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Sun and Apple Could Have Merged. [Slashdot]
Oh! I can imagined the great products of these merged company! A beautiful server that can be put on your night table! An iPod that has great capabilities, except you would have to install an OS with no graphical interface and confusing instructions (Slowaris anyone?), but it would be Open Source (kind of)! Finally, the most beautiful user interface in any OS ever since, that unfortunately only run well in a demo. That company would have wipe out billions in market cap even faster than Sun alone has... Good move, Apple! You were very wise...
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Good tip...

I got chatting to some ruffian in a bar last night, and for some reason he thought he'd share his prison survival tips with me. Apparently what you do is this: on your first day you seek out the biggest brute in the whole zoo and try to bite his nose off in a frenzied assault. This tells them that you are kind of chap who wonâo[dot accent]t stand for any ballyhoo.

But would he not chew off your nose in revenge? He might, to be honest. Anyway, I thought Iâo[dot accent]d pass it on. I hope you find it useful.

I remember my first day at school. I saw this hard-looking bastard, so I walked up and gave him a punch on the ear. He turned out to be Mr Cribbins, the Latin master, and I was expelled on the spot. By noemail@noemail.org (Harry Hutton). [Chase me, ladies, I'm in the cavalry]

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The battery won't last...

Jade at Ars Technica Journals discover a dirty secret about the new macs. The battery last just barely as much as in the old G4. Just 3.03 hours of battery time in a full charge. Is this bad for a preproduction machine that is faster than the one it substitutes? I think it is. All the other dual cores last much longer. Does it has to do with Mac OS X or with Apple design? At the very least it is clear that Apple is trying to not talk about this... and nobody seem to be pushing.
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A Mac by any other name?

It seems that the dislike to the name MacBook is universal. So, why did Apple go for it? For the same reason it didn't change the look of the new machines at all. They want you to think that these machines are Macs, even if the processor have nothing to do with the previous one. They want to emphasize the argument that you don't care what is inside (of course not! It's faster... just like it used to be ",->"). The best strategy is the one Apple followed. Don't change the looks so it is hard to distinguish the new machines from the old ones. Put Mac in the name, that way in a few years the name Mac will be associated with the Intel professors, and the grey beards like me, will look at the cute girls while explaining... "In my time the Macs had a different processor from the rest it was an amazing idea called RISC it was so good that the big corporations had to make it disappear, it was 64 bits! Not like the clumsy things we get nowadays... You young people missed it all..."
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