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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Wikipedia non entry

All this talk and criticism about the Wikipedia, sounds really like a plan to put it out of business, First, Adam Curry starts to edit the entry in Podcasting and gets criticized and a very funny entry for it. Then a guy discover his entry has a false claim put in there by a prankster. Then some people claim the Wikipedia supports Chavez and there is no way to include info critical about him (I don't think this is true, as things that I wrote in there are still in there). Finally, there is a big brouhaha because a Wikipedia Founder Edits Own Bio.

All this and a complaint from someone that I write way too briefly have prompt me to write a long entry about my very favorite subject: ME. IF I were to write my Wikipedia entry in the same vein as Adam Curry, Jimmy Wales, and others, do this is what it would say. And remember, you can't read that on the Wikipedia (at least, until one of you copy and paste it there! (wink, wink) as I am way too humble to promote myself in that way.
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Userland Sucks (Radio Hell, Part V)

Userland sends another email, they do promise tomorrow it will be their last... I really can't wait!
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"Hello World" programs as would be written by various types of developers. A compilation of *Hello World* programs designed by various categories of *developers*. [digg]
I really enjoyed the CEO version of the program...
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