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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Great Xbox Shortage of 2005  —  Why you can't buy the one present you really need.  —  Gaming enthusiasts camp outside electronics stores, desperate to buy the hot new game console.  Corporate flacks are deployed to fend off PR calamity: "Consumer demand for the new console has exceeded..."
What a stupidly mindless argument. The guy basically says that Microsoft is either mistaken in creating a scarce, or incompetent. His reasoning? Otherwise it would have raised the price of the first batch of consoles. First, this would only create bitter customers when the price went to the natural level. Second, scarcity is still inevitable. The point is that you can only produced so many Xboxes, and you have to decide: Do you sit on them until you have enough to satisfy the demand or do you sell them at a planed date no matter how many you have? If you sit on them you lose money, if you set a date and live with what you can get (which is uncertain because you are ramping up production) you create a marketing opportunity. Nobody is really angry because they can't get the Xbox, they will get it later! If you raise the price you risk too many people waiting or angry enough not to buy any of your products...
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If stupidity got us into this mess...

Why can't it get us out?

I think it's very stupid to deny Cuban baseball players permission to play in the World Baseball Classic. First, it weakens the argument that the US is different from Cuba, and waters down the criticism when Cuba doesn't let someone in or out, as happen recently with the Ladies in White, a protest group that was awarded a prize but the Cuban government deny them permission to leave their prison island. Second, it loses an opportunity for those Cubans to see the real world and relate it to the other prisoners compatriots. Third, it is an opportunity for some of them to escape their prison country. Same reason I've always supported the mission Barrio Adentro in Venezuela with Cuban Doctors, let them escape... even if some of them get recaptured send back.
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Venezuelan Reality...

all-encompassingly - Hugo Chavez' Venezuela: Poorer Than Before

In the seven years that Hugo Chavez has been in power in Venezuela, starting in 1999, $350 billion have entered the country in oil revenues. Nevertheless, the Poverty Index already at 43% has risen to 54% (numbers from the National Institute of Statistics, INE 's note: The INE is a Venezuelan government agency]). En the same time period, indigence has risen from 20% to 28% (same Venezuelan source). The external debt has risen from $22 billion to $27 billion.

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