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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Irrelevancy and rigging in elections...

This opinion from The New York Times is exactly the kind of misguided thinking we do not need. The optic is too far away from Venezuela. Chavez could already do what he wanted, the election was irrelevant, that's the reason everybody (including chavistas) stayed home despite of the pressure put on them by the government. The priority for the opposition is to clean up the electoral system so that there is a fair chance next year on the presidential election. The idea that the secrecy of the vote was improved is a reading of reality that does not hold sway. Why were the fingerprinting machines used previously? What did the CNE knew and when did they know it? Considering the software that the chavistas used, the lack of secrecy of the vote, and the ilegal pressure the chavistas have put on the voters, you have to realize the only option for the opposition was to wihdraw in order to gain some levelling of the field for next year...
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A sample of one...

OpenOffice Illustrates Open Source's Limitations?. [Slashdot]
I think the author generalizes too much from a single particular case. OpenOffice started life as a closed source project and it still has a dependency on a source closed project (StarOffice). The only other project similar to it was the Netscape/Mozilla and look what happened to it. It took a hell of a long time, but finally it leveraged the benefits of Open Source with Firefox and Thunderbird. COmpare this with other Open source projects for the Dekstop like the Gimp. Has anyone been stomped by bugs in the Gimp? I think the bugs come from the initial closed source development and it takes longer to iron them out than in a Open Source project from the get go...
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