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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Erwin's StarOffice Tango - Open Source Law in Venezuela.

"The stuff that is happening with "Software Libre" in Venezuela is really mind-boggling. In January the Venezuelan open source law goes into effect, mandating a two year transition to open source in all public agencies. This massive undertaking will involve the training of hundreds of thousands of government employees and migrating of the software that runs not only their public agencies, but also their oil industry (which accounts for 70% of the country's economy and is one of the largest business enterprise in Latin America). They are talking about a huge country-wide move to open source that dwarfs anything I've heard about anywhere else."
This is sad and funny at the same time. These guys think that because something is a law it will become a "reality". That's what happens to anyone that tries to opine about Venezuela without living here. Let me tell you about the reality of Venezuela. The so-called red-light is merely a suggestion here, it gives a slight priority to the guy with the green-light. Do you think that a country that can't managed obvious social things like traffic lights, a country were the smallest projects are mismanaged (both in the private and public sectors) until they become white elefants that no one understands, will be able to change its software to open source? Dream on! The reason Microsoft doesn't pay any attention to this is because they know it will get nowhere...
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Amazing read!

Monocultures and Operating Systems.

Dan Geer on monocultures and operating systems.

[Schneier on Security]
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Napster Fucks You!

Napster's Raunchy New Commercial. Good music...hottie stripping...Surely this didn't air on television. I've read that there is a dirtier one floating around. If you've seen it, post it. [digg]
Why the hell does Napster insist in confusing issues? It must be they think their customers are really dumb... And some of them may be, after all they all use Windows but in its later commercial, which is great to see for all you guys, they compared the iTunes Music Store 30 second previews with the unlimited songs you get with Napster. But... The former is free! You have to pay for the later and if you stop paying you get nothing. Furthermore, you can only listen to your songs if you are in the US, unless you pay more and get a crummy Mp3 player instead of the real thing. Great deal! To really represent reality the woman in the commercial will end up having a penis and you would be the one who gets fucked over...
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Lots of things going on...

The Devil's Excrement is a blog dear and close to my heart. First, because I was sort of the inspiration for it's author to start bloging. Second, because I think it is very courageous to tackle on Venezuela's situation in todays political climate. I am very proud to see a lot of things happening around the blog this week. Let's start with the fact that it has been digged:
rigging a presidential election .... and then publish the voting data. This is the software that was distributed showing who voted for who in the RIGGED Venezuelan election. This is being used by the government to fire workers that voted against the government.

Digg for the hope of giving visibility to what is happenning in Venezuela !!!!!!!!!! [digg]

Though reading the stupidity of some comments, without research or thought makes one think that people receive standar emails saying how they should respond to criticism of Chavez. Actually, I know for a fact that this is true...

Then, yesterday, he was interviewed on a radio station in boston:
Bloggers tonight on Open Source.
So tonight at 7 PM EST (I think) you will get to hear me and Daniel Duquenal follow the Venezuelan Ambassador to the US and Prof. Daniel Hellinger discuss Venezuelan politics. Not many of you will see this or be able to tune in, but I thought I would keep you posted.

I undersatnd you can listen to it here.
[The Devil's Excrement]
I think he did great, but you can listen for yourself somewhere I've been told.

Finally, an example of the kind of content I like from him
The caring revolution part II.
The Minister of Science and Technology decided (needs password) that personnel at all of the institutions that are part of it should receive a bonus of 35% of six months salary for the following (also needs password, I can't get in) employees: administrative, ranking and "high level", the "high level" will receive an additional bonuses of 100% of six months, which applies in the case of IVIC to the Director and Vice-Director on top of the 35% already described. Additionally, the members of the Board of IVIC will receive Bs. 180,000 or roughly half a minimum monthly salary for each weekly meeting they attend.(This includews the two gusy who got the 135% too)

What about the "obreros", the laborers who drive, clean, garden, do maintanance, carpentry, plumbing and the like at IVIC? Well, in the caring revolution, they get nothing, zilch, zero, no bonus as the new and encroached Bolivarian oligarchy can only think of themselves. Whatever happened to distributing the wealth in the revolution?
[The Devil's Excrement]

See? Chavistas won't answer to this with anything but nonsense drivel. The workers, the poorest ones, the ones striving to make ends meet, receive NOTHING from the government. How can you keep defending a corrupt system that permits this kind of injustices? If you admire someone like Che Guevara you should be outraged that this is permitted. Nevertheless, is the rule here, in Cuba, in China...

Yep, I am proud to be his brother...
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Vinyl is better?

I've always thought it is nonsense that vinyl is better or that amps with tubes sound better or that, really, the reason John Mayer sounds better than I do is because Fender made a special Stratocaster for him. Sure, a CD sounds better than an Mp3 file and Vinyl may sound better (if it wasn't for the damn scratches). But I think most of it is wishful thinking. Part of it is the theory that the CD won on quality. Bull... it won on convenience. The rest is the manufacturers and marketeers hope that they can convince us that this is better than that because, basically, you pay top dollar for it. It is the kind of thought that sells a 3.200$ Louis Vuitton handbag that is indistinguishable from its imitations...
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Oh Oh Moment

I've been very happy with my car. I bought it in 2001 with a maintenance warranty and until this year I had spent no money on it (except for gas, which is very cheap thanks to the government programs to help the rich). On the first few months I had problems with the Stereo (it actually burnt up), it was change on warranty with minimal hassle. This year I've had a couple of problems with it. It has overheated a couple of times (not severely). The conditions for overheating were extreme (traffic, uphill, outside temperature in the 100s degree Farenheit). The overheating was traced to a slow moving electrovent. Before that I had one of these mysterious electric thing giving up the ghost. Last week another piece similar to it failed also. I still do not know what the damn piece does. The worst part is that they do not have the piece so I have to wait until it arrives. Is it time to change my car?
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