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Saturday, December 3, 2005

I've been ask high and low about predicting the consequences of the events in Venezuela this last week. With elections tomorrow I have to say something now, something more than what I've been saying so far, basically, I don't know. What I think is that whatever we think may happen tomorrow, on Monday night, I believe, decent venezuelans will feel nauseated by the new unexpected tricks of the chavismo. They will again complaint about our leaders not preventing this new surprise. What is the surprise? I don't know.
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Read Imported Brains, from the article:
The fact is that the competition for foreign students has become far more intense. While American campuses are still by far the favorite destination, they have been steadily losing market share for years, especially to Canada, Australia and Europe. Now the European Union is considering offering citizenship to foreign students who complete their doctorates at European universities. That's a powerful incentive, even if it does smack of actively encouraging a brain drain from developing countries. But then, Rajiv Gandhi's famed formulation still holds: "Better brain drain than brain in the drain."

Indeed, the competition for brains and ideas is where the battle for global influence should be waged. After so many years of America's near-hegemony in this field, it is good for the United States to be reminded that those people banging at the door have ever more other addresses to try if they are rebuffed. The State and Homeland Security Departments should accelerate their efforts to make their procedures less cumbersome and off-putting. Just as important, they must abandon the presumption that denying a visa is the default position.

Nobody denies the importance of barring entry to terrorists, but nobody should be oblivious to the danger of excluding another Einstein.

I think this is the biggest problem facing the US right now. This is the biggest fight and question on whether they stay on top or not.
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