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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Blog at 11...

First hand reports confirm that poverty and corruption are rampant everywhere in Venezuela. The big advantage is that you don't need those tedious documents like the national ID or a drivers license just "collaborate" economically with any policeman that detains you. Most get very friendly so watch out. This is the plan to get rid of criminals in the country, make them police, or supreme court judges, or some other kind of government job.

On the other hand the concept of "freeway" is pretty weak in Venezuela. Basically, any road without lights will be called a freeway and a toll put on it. Why built freeways if you can built tolls? You sometime see signs that "Freeway Starts" without any change in the road you are in. The small advantage is that the tolls are cheap.

Not surprisingly most people are Pro-Chavez, actually Chavez has more adherents in Venezuela than there are inhabitants. Surprisingly everywhere you go you find people loudly badmouthing Chavez and using "chavista" as a form of insult. But we know the truth, those were rich oligarchs in dirty workers overalls talking in a roadside eatery. Damn, the CIA is organized!
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Let me make perfectly clear...

... I did not buy a boat

So, all the people claiming they boarded my boat last weekend must have drowned.
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It doesn't make any difference...

(Bruni: Sorry to put this in the front page without consulting you first, but I either do not understand your point or we have a difference of opinion that should be put forward...)

Bruni says in the comments:

Well Alfredo, prepare for a 100% chavista parlament, the change of the name of the country and the extension of the presidential period to..forever. BTW see that the BBC mentions that the opposition is claiming CNE "favoritism"...they never say that the opposition is complaining about the system's transparency.
I am prepared for that! Since last year! You really think the events this week make any difference? Chavez was going to get his total parlament control! With or without the opposition withdrawal. Or do you not believe they are cheating? They are so bold as to pre-announced the result of 10 millions votes beforehand How much of an admission is that? Furthermore, Chavez has been able to do as he pleases since he cheated last year at the recall referendum. Proof? They change the supreme court! They just chose this electoral path because it rings better with their international propaganda. But Chavez has full control of Venezuela since at least a year ago...
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