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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Two more comments about todays retirement from next week poll by most Venezuelan major parties:

Some people have said retiring from the elections is like taking your ball home. No, it isn't... because the ball isn't theirs to take.

On the other hand, this clearly show there was cheating in all elections where the fingerprinting machines were used...
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How IT Projects work (in cartoon form). I've seen this comic printed and hanging in offices for over a year now, today I finally found a JPG. I dont know the original source of the classic comic about IT Projects. [digg]
Perhaps a little too close for comfort, but this cartoon was shown to me in my Project Management classes and I must have describe it a hundred times. Now you can see it...
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Union is for oneself

La unidad es solo de uno.
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What if you had an election and nobody went to vote?

Venezuelan opposition quit poll. Three opposition parties in Venezuela pull out of the congressional election on Sunday, claiming conditions are unfair. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I don't think I like the idea of pulling out so late, I believe it would have been better not to participate at all in a rigged election. But, on the other hand, there is no point on going to vote if there are no opposition candidates. Now the weight is on the chavistas to show they really have the numbers... Will we, finally, know the truth about the numbers on each side?
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I know what Rex is saying about Apple and its likelihood of success as the digital hub for the home, but I can't overlook the likelihood that this product will suffer from the same attitude that causes iTunes to delete all my music without a way to get it back other than getting on an airplane and flying across the country. [Scripting News]
Let's dispel the notion that iTunes deletes your music without warning right away, when you connect an iPod to a machine other than the one it is associated with you get a clearly written warning as to whether or not you want to associate this iPod to the new machine erasing its content. Dave probably didn't look twice before saying yes and now lays the blame on Apple. iTunes and iPod are fairly well designed and, as Andy Ihnatko has said, thinking otherwise, "is what years of using Windows does to your soul." As for The Mac mini taking over your living room it is a neat idea that Apple could do very very well. I've been thinking of doing a machine like that for some time, but this type of competition will kill me. Apple could kill TiVo, but.... Why do it? There are DVRs already out for the Mac and they are not bad. They do not seem to be very successful and neither are the Windows Media Center PCs. I wonder if Apple think the only reason they are not sucessful is because they are so hard to use...
Update: Seems Ars Technica has reasons to think the Apple DVR thing isn't happening. The only detail is whether Apple is wielding it as a treat to media companies that do not get into the iTunes wagon...
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