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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sex is good for you... No, really...

Via Doc comes the news that sex is good for you. We all new that, but did you know all the benefits (so far)?

- Improved sense of smell
- Reduced risk of heart disease
- Weight loss, overall fitness
- Reduced depression
- Pain-relief
- Less-frequent colds and flu
- Better bladder control
- Better teeth
- A happier prostate?

The article also says that a woman can have as much sense as they like and that women that are post menopausal can suffer from vaginal atrophy if they don't have enough (they even recommend using a vibrator, I have heard this is the best. A man can damage its penile tissue if it has prolonged rough sex, otherwise the sky is the limit it seems. There is no abnormal in too much (unless it's too much too rough), there are dangers in too little. You come to this blog to learn, don't you? Now put it in practice!
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How I Got into Computers

Link [How I Got into Computers stories cont'd, including one from Cory.

Boing Boing]

I inherited a Commodore PET and was programing in HP calculators and with punch cards at the University. I had an Apple II for some time, then my sister brought an IBM XT at home and I would play with it, without she knowing it. I liked the Macintosh, but ended up getting (and souping up) an IBM XT when I needed a computer. I didn't get excited about computers until some secretary at the Math Department got me a key to a back room, where I had exclusive use of an Apollo machine. I had to set it up and everything. I learned TeX and was hooked. Once the NeXT Cube came out I wanted pretty much any machine I could, or couldn't buy.
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Xbox 360 honeymoon is over. Blog: Gamers' enthusiasm for the newly released Xbox 360 quickly waned after the first reports were posted online of problems with... [CNET News.com]
Damn! This could be a problem if it proves common. If Microsoft did the shortage on purpose and now people stop buying, it could spell doom for the 360. I still think it is just ramping up production and these glitches may be part of the problems relating to that.
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