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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Damn! I'm lucky! but I live in a shitty country...

So, I made a mistake. I forgot I had the good watch on when I went to take someone to a place I don't usually go. It is raining, there is a lot of traffic... Yes, I live in Caracas

I'm on the phone talking to my sister. Suddenly a guy appears by my window. Knocks on it and points to his wrist. I think "What? You want the time? No way!" and wave him off. I'm used to waving beggars off, there are so many, it would be pointless to attempt to give to some. I'm still talking to my sister. The guy, well, the thug, you know where this is going, points to his companion who in turn points a gun to my head.

I thought of a friend who got out of a similar situation by ignoring the thugs, he was driving an armored car... Maybe it works without the armor I think. I think of Secuestro Express and how this can be a turning point into something ugly and nasty, better let them kill me. Bullshit! I don't think at all... You just don't know how you are going to react. But I keep talking to my sister relating what is happening. The guy knocks the window again. She complains "How can you be talking so relaxed about it?"

The thugs leave. I start to shake. I'm trembling violently. I drop my passenger... A friend calls. She needs a ride to another part of town I'm not used to going. I say Hell, yeah! and I take her. I am a regular thug-defeating hero, after all.

But I live in a shitty country and I'm sick and tired of risking death for nothing. I'm leaving this country... Tomorrow...
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Spamassassin and ClamAV

Upon installing the new OS on my server this weekend I am starting to use Spamassassin and ClamAV. Both come highly recommended by my readers. The first one is an adaptable spam filter that seems to do pretty well (I have it in a very strict setting, so avoid sending me mail that looks like spam). The latter is an AntiVirus program that seems to work very well (I haven't received any virus since I installed a couple of days ago). I can finally check my mail from a Windows machine it seems... I am very happy with the whole set up. WIll report new info as it develops.
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Opera Platform: Mobile AJAX Widgets.

[Russell Beattie Notebook]
Time to dust the old Symbian phones and try this. You can build your own apps. All with Javascript and see them in the New Opera browsers.
[Thanks Omar]
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Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals (the guy who started it all) declares Victory! against Sony that has capitulated almost entirely in the saga of the DRM protected CDs. Has Sony learned its lesson? Well, for now, it has promised it won't put DRM on the PS3, let's see if that is true... Meanwhile, Google launches Google Base (Beta, of course, which is greek for "Is not done yet" and through the ages it has come to mean "Beta than nothing!"). Also, a Coalition against spyware formed.
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Now let me whine about Firefox.

I'm using the old version of Firefox on my laptop, and it confirms my impression that they took a feature out of the browser in the latest release that I want back.

If you single click on the URL in the address field, the whole thing is selected. That's the old, correct behavior. The new behavior is to give you a caret and make you manually select all the text. But it's so easy to select part of the URL if that's what you want (when exactly do you want that, btw). As a blogger selecting URLs in that bar is on the path to my linking to something, and I fight against anything that makes that path longer. The Firefox guys just did that. Why?

[Scripting News]
I think the reason is... that it is in the Apple guidelines. The correct behaviour is one click places the cursor, two clicks select a word, three clicks select the whole thing or line. That's the behaviour for any text-entry window. You can't have it your way with the Mac, it's Steve way or the highway. Luckily in this case I agree with Steve...
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That's sad...

The CIA seems to think that Castro has Parkinson's disease. That's very sad news... I mean its not even contagious or anything!
[Via Miguel]
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