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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Ole, ole, ole, Fitoo, Fito!

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Imagine that!

While Chavez sabotages Bush's dream of free trade (american style, that is, no labor movement between countries. Even Adam Smith disagreed with that). Sony, the same company that first compromised the security of your computer and, then, failed miserably in its attempt to remove the threat. Now, decided to take a shot at the iPod (with video). From the article:
Stringer also took some time to criticize Apple's video service designs, making some arguments that, in theory, sound quite good.

"Why would someone want to pay $1.99 per download of one TV series episode on a closed system like a video iPod when they can transfer all the content they want from their own devices like DVRs to our multimedia portable player at no extra cost? Consumers already can do this with the PlayStation Portable," Stringer said.

(You just have to appreciate rhetoric, don't you? The words "closed system" coming out of a Sony bosses' mouth? Classic.)

Wow, what lack of imagination! There are a million reasons why that download could be a temptation. Besides the obvious ones, like the Tivo failed or something, you may not received those programs in your area! Heck, you may not even have a TV (not that hard to imagine actually). This is a problem with Sony, they don't imagine themselves in the place of consumers, that's how they may end up releasing a Video player without a hard disk. Of course, other people want to make Wi-Fi Illegal? unless you understand security... In other news, Microsoft may do something right and an Island crashed on somebody's property.
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PSP-Wipeout Pure weirdness

Since the last update my PSP has been hanging when playing Wipeout Pure. It seems to happen only when I wake the PSP from sleep directly into the game and it seems to be a pretty common thing. In that threat someone recommended to download the game packs to solve the problems (great, that's what I wanted to do anyway...), then I discover the real weirdness with Wipeout Pure. It turns out it won't allow me to use a WPA protected Wi-Fi Network. I can use the Network from my PSP for everything else (since the 2.5 update), but not to download the Wipeout Pure game packs. What gives?
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Op-Ed Contributor: Just Hang On a Second. Killing leap seconds might well benefit our high technology, but it will be at our expense. By MICHAEL BENSON. [NYT > Opinion]

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Do you read?

You left me
What had happened...
Many happy nights
Very serious days
And a goodbye...
No more?

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