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Friday, November 4, 2005

A muslim revolution in France...

Rioting in Paris Suburbs Continues for a Ninth Night. The government fretted over how to quell the violence and address the underlying frustrations that are fueling it. By CRAIG S. SMITH. [NYT > Home Page]
They won't quit until the Interior Minister did. Weird! You have to be really careful with what you say, if you are a politician... Of course, that doesn't apply in Venezuela.
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When I worked at Patilla.com (RIP), we designed a methodology for dealing with fraudulent orders it was pretty successful. Our name for it was Natural Intelligence I even told our clients about it... hehe
[Via Scripting News]
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It says here that I am the 320736 site most visited in the Internet... I'm happy, thanks for your support!
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I really like Yahoo Maps Beta, but not because it uses Flash or any other geeky reason like that, but just because when you zoom over Cuba it disappears! NeatO!
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Hacking's evolution

Kevin Mitnick on hacking's evolution, which is not the same as hacking evolution.
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Apple keyboards suck...

This keyboard is the worst thing ever. It keeps closing windows as I type. And when I'm using Gmail it keeps opening new tabs and Spotlight at the same time. I've been turning off special keystrokes (apparently Cmd-Space opens Spotlight) but I've had to slow down my typing to a ridiculous rate. This is the worst keyboard I've ever used. Total piece of junk. Looks great. That's the problem with Apple, sometimes they create stuff that looks great but is impossible to use. Don't they ever try these things themselves? [Scripting News]
While I agree that Apple keyboards stinks (they are not the worst ever, but they are mightily close), I fail to understand the root of Dave's problems here... Windows closing? (only if you press command and w), new tabs? (command+t), Spotlight? (command+space is not the default for Spotlight, though, curiously, it is my choice. Could it be that Dave's keyboard is broken and it is sending weird signals to the computer? I don't know, will he check, at the very least connect another USB keyboard? or just keep whining.... Wanna bet?
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Xbox 360 and iPod interoperability? Sort of. Microsoft has been demonstrating the Xbox's interoperability with the iPod. But Apple isn't onboard. [CNET News.com]
This is a great move for Microsoft! They should invest in Jhymn to remove the DRM from the songs, so that they can play on the Xbox. Of course, Apple can't play (or convert) protected wmp files in iTunes, but they have a lot less incentive to foment interoperability.
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Chavez might sneak up and scare Bush at the summit, that's what he said...
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