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Thursday, November 3, 2005


Survey says people shop online sans clothing and/or intoxicated [Boing Boing]
This explains a lot!
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Who pays to publish this nonsense?

Where do they get people to write articles like this? Do they do any research? Do they know that Apple sued Microsoft? The central point of the suit was that Apple had licensed the Macintosh OS to Microsoft!. Apple thought the license only covered Windows 1.0, but Microsoft thought it covered all subsequent versions. The courts agreed with Microsoft and the rest is history. More important... Jobs wasn't at Apple when all this happened! He was out of the company long, so he can't be responsible for that solution, can he? Furthermore, the Mac, the Newton were never a success like the iPod, neither in terms of market share or of revenues. One could argue the Apple II was. But, clearly that computer wasn't going to compete with the IBM PC. Finally, the big difference, that I have mentioned here often, there is a difference between selling computers and selling music, namely, companies do not buy much music. The fact is that it is the music companies that need Apple. The artists will rebelled, they did in Japan. Right know, for the alpha geek, music that is not in iTunes do not exist. And the rest of the world follows what they do later on.
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How perceptive for Nokia to be gloomy about N-Gage, I mean they should have seen the numbers. The device was amazing, but had glaring errors. The problem is that they want to imitate the "give razors to sell blades" paradigm, but then they price the razor for one or two hundred dollars and the blades for 50 dollars. And some blades aren't very good either! The idea of opening the first N-Gage (the good one) to change games was ridiculous and not making the second version (the QD) quad-band was stupid. Instead they made two different tri-band models (the "european" and the "US" one), hence you couldn't sell one in the typical other markets. Where you have a system similar to the european, but desire compatibility with the US. Really stupid to make the perfect travelling phone (You can play on the plane!) hard to travel with. The next idea, to let other N-series phones play the N-Gage games, sounds strange, since not a single one of these phones have the corresponding game slot... (the games are the size of an SD Card, while the phones only have RS-MMC or RS-SD (RS stands for Reduce Size). They are going to make the games downloadable? They are already hackeable so... they might as well, but if you had done that from the start you could have sold ten million N-Gages at 300 dollars each! Think Nokia, think! Sometimes you act too much like Microsoft for your own good.

I love Nokia and I really like the Symbian phones, specially the new N-series, but I have bought five Nokia phones in my lifetime. An 8890 that broke down after a couple of years of use. My, original, N-Gage, which has been repaired and now refuses to charge, while Nokia refuses to reppair it saying Buy a new one, but that new one would have to be a QD which stinks for me (live in Venezuela, but I travel to the US). My Wife 6660 lasted a little over a year (just a little more than the warranty!) and my 7610 (my wife is using it now), that is a lovely phone with a few irritating features (hangs up (not as much as my SX-66 of course), a lot of old apps do not display correctly (that happens with the SX-66 too!), etc). So, on average, I would say I am disappointed with Nokia. I will make sure the next phone does what I want before getting it...
[Via tech.memeorandum]
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The Revolution saved Corruption!

In the strange tale of Bandes, the Ministry of Finance and structured notes, we find out that corruption is alive and well in Venezuela... Thank God!
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