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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Why the Mac matters more than its market share...

I left a comment on Scoble and I think I should repost it here:

It really feels like the people on top of Microsoft do not use anything but a Windows Machine. Robert has been as much an inside evangelizer as an outside evangelizer. He points out to the people inside what is happening. I said it before, Microsoft needs to hire dozens of youngster that uses what is on fashion and tells Microsoft why what they are doing sucks, before the world sees it. live.com doesn't even work with a Pocket PC! Why would Microsoft do that?

I find it impressive that Microsoft does not realize the importance of supporting the Mac. Web services, new online ideas, rarely really take off until Mac support is added. USB, Digital Music, Movies on portable devices, etc. Napster (the real one, not the Windows only iTunes imitator) released a Mac Beta and its numbers exploded... Why? Because Mac users are early adopters and have really big mouths...
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Live is Dead... and Windows only

So, Windows releases a "me too", configurable search portal. Really original guys. What distinguishes this portal? That it only work with that other browser... You know, the one who really screws up the Acid 2 Test. I really do not understand why Microsoft puts itself through such a pain... Poor Scoble. Just for kicks I tried it with my Pocket PC and it doesn't work either. That's right, Microsoft doesn't support its own products... really nice. By the way, Google personalized page does work on Safari and my Pocket PC (except for the personalized search), and so does My Yahoo! Why is it that Microsoft is the only company that won't even try to gain our trust? Talk about lock in, talk about choice, talk about fear of competition, and, most of all, this screams of abuse of monopoly power!
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Dave finds there is "Windows only" software...

I just had my first experience clicking on a link to install some software and groaning when I realized it was Windows-only. Oy. The Mac is (dramatically) prettier, more colorful, has nicer hardware. But developers still make software for Windows without doing Mac versions. Before today that was someone else's problem. Today it's mine too. [Scripting News]

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Yahoo Music? Windows only...

Yahoo! Raises Music Prices. Apple Responds By Raising Market Share.. Effective November 1, Yahoo will charge about $120 annually for access via download to more than 1 million songs that can then be transferred to portable players. [digg]
But still refuses to let you be a client unless you use Windows...
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Are you cracked?

Are you cracked?. Use this page to see if your IP address shows up as a common attacker in a distributed database of intrusion detection sensors. [digg]

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US Grant? Windows only...

If you want a grant from the US government you use Windows to apply for it. Even though that other browser doesn't pass the Acid 2 Test.
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Hollywood after the Anal. Hole again. Cory Doctorow
[Boing Boing]
What will happen? Innovation will move elsewhere (China? India?... Venezuela?)
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Whining 2 Test

Now, that Safari passes the Acid 2 Test, we can complaint and gloat about it. Whenever you find a page that does not work with Safari you have to call or write an email saying <whining>But Safari passes the Acid 2 Test and that other browser doesn't!</whining> That will do a lot of Good.
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Wow... Google is getting worse and Yahoo Search is getting better. I have dropped to below fifity in Google's search for Alfredo, but I am number one in Yahoo... Which one is right? Well, I have already said that I shouldn't be the number one in that search. But I should be the number one in the search for Alfredo Octavio, Yahoo has me as such, Google doesn't. But Google has a page that no longer exists as number one. Its bot hasn't revisited that page in months. Isn't that weird? Compare the current page with Google's cache of it.
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