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Monday, October 31, 2005

Give the world what it deserves

Here are reasons why Chavez should run for Secretary General of the UN next year. He is much, much loved outside Venezuela than in, where he is misunderstood and criticized for all the right decisions. Instead outside Venezuela he receives attention and credit for his amazing ideas and deep thoughts. Nobody is a prophet in its own land. The hardest part is convincing Chavez that Venezuela has to do the sacrifice of living without him, we have to. The World Deserves Chavez more than we do!
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In pictures: How the world is changing. Pictures of how the Earth has changed because of Global Warning. [Via digg]
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iPod interfaces

So, I got the iPod conector, both for my wife's blue Mini Cooper (with corresponding blue iPod mini) and for my Seat Leon. They work quite different from one another. First, the good news, they are both very satisfying in terms of sound quality. Now, controls. They work completely different. My wife can quite effectively control the iPod from the Stereo (the iPod takes the place of the CD Changer). You can have 5 lists set to the first five disc of the changer. The last disc (number 6) is reserved to play all songs. She can also go to the next and previous song, and activate or deactivate the random within the playlist. Mayor problems are that the 5 playlist must be named MINI1, MINI2, etc. (why o why?), and that she loses the iPod interface completely. The system for the Leon is exactly the opposite. I can't do anything with the stereo (not even go to the next or previous song or even to the beginning of the currently playing song). But I don't lose the iPod interface. Oh, Well... Nothing is ever perfect...
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Vietnam Study, Casting Doubts, Remains Secret. The N.S.A. has kept secret a finding that its officers deliberately distorted critical intelligence during the Tonkin Gulf episode. By SCOTT SHANE. [NYT > Home Page]
How long until it is admitted that the motivation for the war on Iraq was also made up?
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Estoy buscando una mujer tan puta como yo...
-- Contrabando, Joaquín Sabina
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