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Friday, October 28, 2005

Is The U.S. Becoming Anti-Science?. [Slashdot]
Yes, but it is worse than that. The US thinks it is destined to rule the world, but noticed that the world has mostly been ruled by the most pro-science nation. The US gotten tired of technical reason, it has gotten tired of the fact that the search for truth is somewhat messy. It has closed its door to the immigrant genius that created its grandeur.
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I saw this iPod vending machine on Concourse A in Atlanta's airport, and like Gizmodo, I wondered how it would work. Buy a blank iPod just in time to hop on a flight? Hmmm. Maybe it'll make sense when they come up with a wifi-capable iPod, because the wifi on Concourse A is pretty good, especially near that machine. [Scripting News]
Eh? How about filling it up before you board the plane with the music in your laptop? Even in the plane you can do that (after take-off, for security reasons... Yeah, yeah). How about if you just lost your iPod? or if it is broken beyond reppair? You can get a replacement right there and fill it up with the music you had before. That's the beauty of Apple's approach, the iPod is a peripheral to the computer not an independent device. I'm impressed by the number of people that still do not understand this...
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Cuba accepts US hurricane offer. Havana accepts a US offer of help to deal with Hurricane Wilma, in a rare shift of policy. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
To all those who thought Cuba was perfectly prepared to face any emergency. It is a glimmer of hope...
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Profit at Sony Drops 47%; Sales Are Flat for Quarter. Sales of television sets and Walkman music players fell for the troubled electronics giant and its Hollywood studio failed to produce any big hits. By MARTIN FACKLER. [NYT > Technology]
Sony should do an experiment. Reduce the price of big capacity memory sticks by half. Then make the PSP a hackable system, allow it to play movies, music, games, let people develop software for it. See if it sells more...
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