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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Create your own Web 2.0 Company!
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Fire Scoble or not?

So, now the people have a say... Fire Scoble or not?
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A miracle! Venezuela's poverty has suddenly fallen

Opinion: A miracle! Venezuela's poverty has suddenly fallen (Miami Herald)
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Disinformation is not as good as that information...

Judge rebukes Microsoft over WMP bundling. Microsoft quickly backpedals from an attempt to bar mp3 player manufacturers from shipping anything other than WMP with their products. Why the sudden about face? By eric@arstechnica.com (Eric Bangeman). [Ars Technica]
This is one rare case where Ars is not understanding the issue. Microsoft has desperately tried to tied its music selling DRM with Windows. This was just a more crude attempt to do so than others and hence the rebuke. But still the issue is that Microsoft wants digital music to be played only on Windows. It is a much more closed system that Apple's despite the disinformation that a lot of people are spreading. Microsoft's aim is that in order to hear music you'd have to have a Windows Machine. Apple is just trying to sell you iPods, which one is more harmful? Clearly, the one that is trying to extend a monopoly to a new market. Apple does not have any monopoly, neither on Digital Music, nor on Mp3 Players. The barriers of entry are not that high in either and music can still be bought through other means. Notice the double attack that Microsoft is creating: On one hand all its digital music are Windows only. On the other hand, it is providing technology to protect CDs, so that, you guessed it, they can only be transfered to Windows computers. AVoiding this requires more than a rebuke from the judge...
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Bush Speechalist

The truth about Bush's successful speeches. Meet Mr. Bush Speechalist.
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But... Radio is Hell and Userland support Sucks!

Science, art, voodoo and luck.

Ben and Mena Trott explain why they're having performance trouble on their Typepad service. Maybe our theory about putting the content management on the workstation wasn't so bad after all. That's the approach Radio took in 2002. After a while it became clear people preferred to have someone else manage the content management for them.

I'm sure SixApart will get the problems sorted out, but no one should underestimate how hard it is to keep a service like TypePad running as it's growing. I sure don't, having lived with EditThisPage.com and Weblogs.com. Scaling is a science, an art, voodoo, and more than a little luck, as Ben's story reveals.

[Scripting News]

Well, I like the idea of having the content on my machine. The problem with Radio is its incompetence in getting the content from there to the server. Even now, I sometimes get an error in transmission and an empty page instead of my home page! (how is that for an FTP failure!). Once again I stress that this is fairly normal in the consumer software business, what is amazing is the lack of response from Userland. Quite different from the time Dave, John, and Scoble worked there, when I praise the company and the product.

With respect to the comment about scalability, I have to say... jajaja. Having worked in an e-commerce and a bank, both of which saw great increases in use, scalability is a science, a very exact science, but implementation needs two things that are not so easy to come by: Good Planing and foresight, and money, lots of money. It is the second thing that I think is the biggest obstacle in most cases, for example, I will not try to make my site highly available. My site goes down for a number of stupid reasons, including, a change of IP by my provider which sometimes hangs my DSL modem. But my site is not critical, despite the desperation caused in my kindest readers. This is the cost of running a server in an amateurish manner from my home. The benefits? A little bit of gloating when everything is working right! What I find surprising is how many times professionally trained engineers come up with the stupidest way of making a change, an upgrade, a plan... I've based my career on the fact that I can think straighter than them!

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How to counter act Nano scartches suit against Apple...

Get a case for your Nano from Waterfield Designs, simply the best case ever!
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Math proves you can stop table-wobble by rotating. Cory Doctorow(via Kottke) [Boing Boing]
This is Major Bullshit and it attest to the sad state of science worldwide. This is a trivial consequence of the Fixed Point Theorem and any undergrad student of math should be able to prove it as a consequence of Bolzano's Theorem. That a paper was written about this is proof that... the writer is a physicist.
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Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet unreview. By news@arstechnica.com (Ars Technica). [Ars Technica]
Excellent "unreview", it states everything that pisses me off about Windows and laptops. It really makes the point hard. The problem with Windows machines is that it is mostly bad software, like the incomprehensible Windows Tablet PC Edition, and bad hardware choices, put together in a haphazardly way. I am happy I never understood enough to get that Tablet PC I wanted...
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In my opinion...

In my opinion this:
Faster Mac.

In yesterday's thread where I explored buying a new Mac with a dozen awesome Mac experts. Brian Criscuolo found a way to make my current Mac perform as it was designed to. Here's what I did that made the difference:

1. Create a new user with full Administrator priviledges.

2. Log off. Log on as the new user.

3. Do some stuff.

4. Log off. Log on as the old user.

Voila. Fast Mac! Zzzzzip.


I kind of thought this was an easy to use computer?

Oh well.

[Scripting News]
is baseless... There must be something wrong with that laptop to do that. I own 4 Macs, not a single one of them improved performance with this method... What I really fail to understand is why Dave doesn't take the iBook to an Apple Store. One of the advantages of owning a Mac (in the US, at least, *sight*) is the excellent service they provide... I am sure he can muster a temporary replacement if they have to take it in for repairs.

In my opinion this:
Shopping, Dell vs. Apple.

The other day when I was writing about my new Ultra 20, I thought I'd visit the competition and check prices. So I headed over to Dell, which I've always thought of as the canonical example of a great online store. When I used to buy their servers, it was convenient, linear, and fast: start with your form factor and processor, then pick your memory, disk, network cards, and click "Buy". But I haven't been there in three or four years, and things have changed. First of all, I had to choose whether I was a large or small business or a consumer (Huh? I just want to buy a computer, OK?) then picked a reasonable-looking Xeon. The defaults were about right except for I wanted a 250G disk. Nasty surprise; the customizer is nowhere near as good as it used to be; awkward, confusing and slow, and you have to page way down to get to obvious stuff. And I totally failed to configure the disk; there are all these options about the number of disks and kinds of connects that seemed to be interrelated, and when I picked one of the 250G disks, it declared my configuration invalid, and in ten minutes of fiddling around I couldn't make it go. I also recently visited Apple's online store; my 2003 PowerBook is pretty well out of steam and I'm not switching to a Solaris portable until there's Ubuntu or equivalent for it. So I ordered a new Mac; that took like 4 minutes elapsed, start to finish. Maybe an Apple PowerBook has less options than a Dell desktop? But not that I care about; I bumped the default memory and disk on the Mac, which more than I wanted to do with the Dell. I'm shocked; I always thought that Dell's #1 competitive advantage was that they were easy and quick to configure and buy (Granted, they're reasonably cheap and well built, but not really ahead of the pack on those fronts). Maybe they're no longer interested in the high-end consumer? Maybe I just had bad luck? If not, this is a big deal.

This is Oh, so true!. I used to use Dell to get my machines a few years ago. It was really such a painless process that when people ask me to configure a machine I'd go to Dell and do it there. Now, Dell site looks old is slow, confusing and a PITA to use. Apple site is using AJAX programing techniques, sometimes is so fast you have to retrace your steps to make sure the price has been updated. Dell should do something about this. Apple won't but some other manufacturer could take the crown from Dell. Unfortunately, neither HP, nor VoodooPC, nor Allienware, are much better either...
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