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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What went wrong with the ROKR. Also: Chip shortage will hit MP3 players. [CNET News.com]

It is a good article, but it repeats the false story that not licensing Fairplay DRM is equivalent to not licensing the Macintosh and that's the reason Apple failed against Microsoft. First, the music business is very different from the Operating Systems/Computer business (hint: Companies do not buy much music). Second, Apple mistake was precisely licensing its Operating System... to Microsoft! Yes, Microsoft's key to success was to find two companies willing to bend over and get FUBAR... IBM and Apple...
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Security fears on Internet cause big cuts in US Web usage: survey (AFP). WASHINGTON (AFP) — Nearly one-third of US Internet users are cutting back on Web usage and 25 percent say they have stopped buying online due to fears of identity theft and other threats, a survey showed. [KeepMedia | Featured News]
The funny thing is that is not online that you'll get your identity stolen. At least not online from buying in a store or something like that. Almost every time you use your credit card there is a risk. Almost every time your card number will end up in an unproperly protected data based. Look at what happened when a payment processor was hacked. For your card number to be in there you didn't have to have used it online...
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Okay I give up. It's time to buy a new Mac, something in the $3-$5K range. I think I want a desktop. Tell me what to buy, and I'll order it today! [Scripting News]
I hope Dave accepts my advice and gets a PC. I don't think he'd ever be happy with a Mac... Is not for everybody, you know?
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F1: Season starts in Bahrain. The traditional order of races has been changed so as not to clash with next year's major sporting events. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

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Radio Killed the Google Star...

Sez Omar...
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Photo Booth

I can Categorically Confirm that Photo Booth works with the iSight on any Mac, not only with the new iMac. I really think it is stingy of Apple not to release this app as a free download. Nobody is going to get an iMac for it... but an iSight? Maybe...
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