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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Lap of Luxury. There's no such thing as "overcharging" in the strip club industry. By ELISABETH EAVES. [NYT > Opinion]

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Radio Hell, Userland Sucks Part. II

I am still in Radio Hell and I can't believe how much Userland sucks. Not only I am out of most searches that I used to dominate in Google thanks to this alleged company. Look at this page. My site has generated over a Million page views since my new server has been up (last august). Most of those come from this page. How come I am not on the list for "Page reads since 10/7/2001"? Because Userland sucks... And don't even attempt to say I do not have the code in... I got my referrers ranking gets some hits. That always looks low, maybe that's all Radio Hell looks at...
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Mr Angry & Mrs Calm

Look at this picture close by

Now, look at it from afar... Amazing, isn't it?
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Roadkill on the Convergence Highway. [Slashdot]

Amazingly interesting article about how Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Sucks. The guy seems to have little patience for the small problems. If he could see how many times I have rebooted my nice Pocket PC Phone. The thing I like the least about it is the fact that Windows MCE (like the Windows Tablet PC Edition) is only for OEMs. This is a huge mistake, and proves that even Microsoft knows that "letting anybody build it" is not the way to go. I have a lot of cool ideas for a PVR (I've been using one for a couple of years, an EyeTV and a Mac (currently a mini) with lots of customization). I think I have a seed for a great business plan...
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Two Security Links

VoIP security.... Btn Skype 56We cover a lot of the new Voice over IP services (and gear) here, but you might wonder how secure these services are. The folks over at Skype announced "work is now complete and you can download the full report from Skype security center (PGP signature). There's also an executive summary available" [via] Link. Slashdot also has a story about VoIP security threats and the new VoIP security threat taxonomy. Link. [MAKE Magazine]
The Story of Snort. [Slashdot]

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Google Base

Google launches a web-based Universal database... Google Base.
[Thanks Miguel]
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Things you may not have heard...

Front Row works on any Mac (at least with Tiger). The program has to be hmmm... modified... in order to ignore the lack of remote. Some things do not appear to work correctly (it can't find Music Videos or TV Shows in mi iTunes Library, I can't connect to the Trailers server, though that may be an internet problem, and the connection with the DVD Player may not work). Killer idea for Apple: Make Front Row customizable (which Apps to present which folders to scan, etc). The new iMacs have a new version of Mac OS X (10.4.3), I don't know when the rest of us will get it... Maybe it will come with Front Row and Photo Booth? I doubt it...
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