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Thursday, October 20, 2005

An iPod Worth Keeping an Eye On. The latest iPod model, unveiled last week, is deliciously thin, and in addition to its usual repertoire, it can now play video. By DAVID POGUE. [NYT > Technology]

Everybody sees a winner on the new iPod. It seems they like the minor changes as well as the major ones. Few comments about the obsolete accessories. As of this writing I have an iTrip, iBeam (Laser pointer and falshlight), and a voice recorder that do not work with any of the current iPods models, not enough to hold me back, but I can delay the purchase of a new iPod.

There was a rumor that the old iPods could play video, but Apple decided to not activate this feature. It makes sense for them, while activating the feature may increased the number of videos bought at the iTunes Music Store (will they change the name?), the emphasis for Apple is in forcing people to upgrade, so every feature they keep exclusive for the new iPods is an incentive.

Finally, Apple yesterday announced new Powerbooks, basically reducing the price and bumping the screen resolution. Not a big deal, if you can get the older Powerbooks on discount (if you can't do the logical thing and wait for the Intels), you could get a nice machine for a low price. Curiously, they did not reduced the price in the 12'. Either they are selling very well, or Apple hasn't seen the small machines that Dell and Sony are selling. Or the Samsung X1, which doesn't sell in the US because Samsung has a noncompete with Dell there (further proof of Dell's business sagacity).

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Dvorak On Media Bias [MacSlash]
The media is biased in Apple favor from a columnist that thinks that the iPod is a late player in the Mp3 player market. Some of us remember a time when Apple wasn't doing so well in the media. Was it that the writers were using PCs then? I doubt it. I remember that part of the reason for my fight with MacWorld's Jason Snell (crummy magazine! crummy editor!) was that the writers were using PCs to dictate their columns, since dictation software was so bad on the Mac... At that time I claimed that this wasn't essential for most users, but created a bias in the writers. Where is dictation software now? I have learn to appreciate Dvorak, thanks to listening to him in TWiT, I think he shouldn't write his columns... He should podcasts them... By the way, "He gets no spam!"
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US planning invasion, says Chavez. Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, says in a BBC interview that the US plans to invade his country. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

The danger is that we get complacent about it, this is like the fifth time the US has tried to invade us this year alone! We have managed to defeat the great satan more times than any other country, thanks to the prevarication of our most enlightened leader. But lets keep our spirit alerts! The moment our leader forgets to remind us of an invasion we may find ourselves with marines up our kazoo!

Prevarication... "You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means..."
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KILLER FACT!. History[base ']s top ten conquerors, in square miles:
1. Genghis (4,860,000)
2. Alexander (2,180,000)
3. Tamerlane (2,145,000)
4. Cyrus the Great (2,090,000)
5. Attila (1,450,000)
6. Adolf (1,370,000)
7. Napoleon (720,000)
8. Mahmud of Ghazni (680,000)
9. Pizarro (480,000)
10. Bush (423,424)
Stout Cortes at number 11. If Bush invades Canada, as I believe he should, he will overtake Alexander the Great, but still be a Napoleon short of Genghis Khan.

Source: EncyclopÃ[oe]dia Britannica; The Book of Lists. By noemail@noemail.org (Harry Hutton). [Chase me, ladies, I'm in the cavalry]

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Radio Userland Hell, because Radio Userland Sucks

I finally manage to fix my site at weblogs.com, without much help from Userland support. I doubt I'll get my Google juice back. Not all of it anyway. I am still pissed and I still plan to change weblogs system. I can just do it in a more orderly fashion. I am currently working on something that if it works out (and I think it will), it may drop your socks off. More to come. For now just remember this is Alfredo's site. This is Alfredo Octavio's site. This is Tyromaniac. Don't accept exact replicas. Don't be fooled by Google.

To those who think I am exagerating with the Google juice argument I point to the fact that before this mess I was the number one Alfredo in Google. Then I dropped but stayed in the first page, then I dropped to the second. Now, I am in the fifties. Should I be the number one Alfredo? Not likely, but I have dropped because of Radio Userland (which sucks by the way and everybody is running away from it). Furthermore, consider this: I am no longer the number one Alfredo Octavio in Google. That's right, instead of pointing to this page it points to a category in my old site. In part this is Google fault, it assigns to weblogs.com a lot of prominence because of the cross linking there, but for the most part is Useland's fault, the version of my site should have never pointed to www.octavio.net as a home page. I hope it is over now...
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