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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Lots of news about Apple not only they released a multi button mouse (is not bluetooth but looks nice). "What's next?" Sebastian, who was the first with the news, asked over an iChat session, "The Mactels will have a floppy drive?"

I am actually sad about this. While I use a multi button mouse with my mac, I really think there are a lot of uses to a one-button mouse, newbies for example, and with this we are closer to losing the option. Once Apple starts shipping this new machines with this mouse the other one will be history. Even if it is only an option it will have the same result, since every geek will tell its uncle to get the multi-button mouse and everybody will think the more expensive mouse is the better one. Pity.

The other news is more interesting, Mac OS X for Intel has been leaked to the pirate sites, and it doesn't boot in non Apple machines. Why? How come? They are using a hardware encryption that Intel developed for Microsoft Palladium. Cory, as usual, has an excellent rant about how this is a deal breaker. The main gist of the issue is not that this will impede Mac OS X running in a non Apple Intel PC, but that the same technology can be used to do really evil things. For example, you can make it so that a text file written in editing program A will not open in editing program B, so even if it is a text file (the most open of standards) it can be locked anyway. It can be used to impide that the CD with the OS you bought with machine A will not work with machine B, even if they are identical. The problem for companies and individuals could be enormous in those situations. I agree completely with Cory. This is a reason to buy the last PowerPCs, but it is also a reason for developers to do Intel only software with interesting features and terrible restrictions (think what game developers will do). Yep, I could be using Linux in a couple of years...

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Football: Newcastle Owen swoop. Newcastle emerge as dark horses to sign Real Madrid's Michael Owen in an £11m deal, BBC Sport understands. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]
I hope the succeed. It would be great for a great place! I am back in Caracas, My family returns tomorrow...
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