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Thursday, July 28, 2005

eMe lets me know that my picture is in Digitel's site as a winner of their Ferrari Trivia. Here is the picture

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The Tall Ships at Newcastle 2005

Yesterday we went to see the Tall Ships. They are sail ships that participate in a race. It seems it happens rarely that they come to Newcastle (last time it was in 1993), so they make a big deal out of it. It all happens in the river Tyne that has several bridges crossing it. All of them move out of the way to make way for big ships, the Tyne is a very deep river. None of those bridges are as wonderful as the pedestrian bridge called
The Millenium Bridge, which gets out of the way in an interesting way that is hard to describe. It just tilts until the arch and the pedestrian path are at equal height letting the ships through the middle. For that reason it is also called "The Blinking Eye". This was the setting for some music (kind of Celtic) and a espectacular Fireworks show unlike any I have ever seen. Instead of a huge display of massive fireworks in a center stage. This was a slow show where the lights and the beautiful backdrop melted in an interesting way.
There were also other things happening around, like an acrobat hanging from the Baltic Building (the Modern Museum) and lights in several of the interesting buildings in the area like The Sage, a Concert Hall. One of the main differences between this and other fireworks show (say, the ones in Disney's parks) is that the placing of the fireworks caught you by surprise, moving around from building to ships to building. Changing from subtle to massive without warning.
The final impressive thing, apart from our very good places, was the incredible amount of people watching the show. All ages, all types. They were all enjoying themselves. Unfortunately that also meant a lot of difficulties heading back home. Starting with the massive amount of people trying to cross the bridge were this picture was taken (breathtaking, isn't it?). In both directions! The city was simply collapsed! Coupled with the lack of knowledge we had of the area, it took us a while to get to Central Station, where we found a lot more people, of course. We waited for ages to get in to go to the plattform and get in our train. Our kids where exhausted (a were we!), but I think we all enjoyed the show a lot. Something truly unique.
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