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Monday, July 25, 2005

Microsoft's Earth Deletes Apple HQ.

Readers of The Register have pointed out that if you take a look at Apple's headquarters on Microsoft's new Virtual Earth tool you'll see a big empty void. Either Microsoft have erased the headquarters or they are using old photographs. Is this a case of Microsoft rushing out a product in order to compete with Google? Probably. Take a look at Lower Manhattan. Spot anything that shouldn't be there?

[A Welsh View]

And some people think that MSN's Virtual Earth is better that Google Maps... Besides the stupidity of the name (is not earth is maps!), it is sad how much been there, done that feeling one gets... Just look at the pictures! MSN has the worst possible data. They shouldn't have come out with this...
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Apple lacks "economic ecosystem" for iPod [The Macintosh News Network]
Every time one of these clueless articles about the iPod resurfaces I have to ask the same question. Why is it a huge problem that the iPod doesn't work with Yahoo's (and the rest) music store, but not that those music stores do not work with the Mac? Are these people blind or bought? The ecosystem for the iPod exists hundreds of products improve on the iPod. If you can't see that you are blind... or bought.
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Intel announcement not hurting PPC sales [The Macintosh News Network]
The reasoning behind this is so feeble is not even worth commenting. In order to make this argument you would have to have look at the data for a few months before the announcement. The problem is that this isn't like with Mp3 players, where Apple has a super commanding position with most of the top 20 in electronics, here Apple is number 3 with its cheapest laptop in school buying season... Is that good or bad? I don't know, but it stands to reason that a family that uses Mac would buy that machine for a college bound young. Also, how big is Amazon as a seller of computers? I call BS on this argument.
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