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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Debian Solaris.

Check out Alvaro Lopezâo[dot accent]s superb piece Why I do think OpenSolaris ought to work with Debian. Call me a radical, but I think that easy installation and upgrading are important. I think Linux got where it is because it was basically easy enough to install and basically good enough to get a lot of jobs done. I think that having apt-get or equivalent Just Work is the single most important value-add Solaris could get. Turn it around: I think a lot of people who need what Solaris has to offer are never going to find out until apt-get or equivalent Just Works. Out of the box. So, thank heavens for OpenSolaris.org, where they're chewing over Alo's rant. Smart things are being said, and Eric Boutilier points out there that Gentoo, OpenPKG, and others are looking at this. But then there are people who claim to be Solaris fans saying ignorant, idiotic things like âo[ogonek]Linux as a whole does not have anything good to offer, except that "it' free". Earth to OpenSolaris: Every community has a few morons; please learn to ignore yours. All this is pretty well a sideshow for the existing Solaris customers, but if we want Solaris to, you know, grow, this is how to do it. Good on ya, Alo, and hang in there, you're 100% right.


Why Debian? It's the must the most difficult Linux Distro to install. Solaris is not a community developed OS. SUN is not a small company. It should be trivial to install Solaris on a compatible machine and trivial to let the user know the machine is or isn't compatible. The rest is just laziness...
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Venezuelan Graffiti

Are sends some venezuelan graffiti (some freely translated belos):

- We'll always go arm to arm with the government, for if we fall behind it would shit on us, if we get in front it would fuck us in the ass.

- Enough reality, we demand promises!

- Some people are born lucky, others are born in Venezuela.

- Power to the bitches! (the sons have fucked this country up too much already)

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I am in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for the last time (I'll come back to visit for sure), in order to move my family back to Caracas. We're all going to miss this town that has been so nice to all of us. The kids did great in school, we were so happy in this tranquil year. Now we go back to the mess and compromises of venezuelan life. We have no choice, but we hope it's for the best.
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