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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Life at 300Kph

So, here is the complete unadulterated story. Digitel-TIM has the typical short message contests all the time. A few times I have entered the contest (eg., U2 concert) they send 5 questions or so and they tell you you are in the contest after that. So, I received a contest notice in my mobile saying that I could win a "ride in a Ferrari at Turagua". Having in my mind the wonderful memories of the BMW Road Show earlier this year. I start answering questions and they keep coming and coming, they start repeating themselves and I think "a glitch, je je" and keep going. I send a lot of messages before realizing how nut it was... Well, long story long, they call me last thursday saying I have won. I have to run that same day to get tickets to the Ferrari presentation, that as related coincides with the BMW Series 3 presentation

On saturday I go to Turagua for the ride. I have already learn some things. The ride is as a passenger with a professional driver at the wheel, it won't be in a F430 (it didn't arrive). There were a few discoveries left. Accustomed to the BMW polish the italian made improvisation left a lot to be desired. The scheduled was an unknown and we were delayed, I went in my own car, and again had small problems with it (the plank on the bottom fell out and I had to stop to push it up again). The car we were going to ride in was bought the previous day, the owner was nervous about its new car turning several laps at full speed with a professional pilot. The car was a 612 Scagliatti (a 2+2 coupe), so they had an easy solution, let's ride with three passengers, curiously the big-shots did ride on their own. The rest of the program was a lunch and owners of Ferrari riding in their own cars, so not much else for the contest winners. I ended up in the first group (good), riding on the back seat (bad), and going at (almost) 300 Kph (excellent). We saw the cars and took an exit left without saying goodbye.

Anyway, I took pictures and a movie of a Masserati leaving and the Ferrari 612 at the straight.

The movies need Quicktime and the pictures were taken with my Olympus 3030, the pictures at the car presentations were taken with my Nokia 7610.

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My laptop wireless problems have proven untreatable. At first I was sure it was a software problem, but after a system reinstall a hardware problem was revealed. I had two options, either get a new Airport Extreme card or get a PC Card and get it to work. Obviously, I opted for... both!. The Airport Extreme card is still not recognize, so unless someone has a bright idea, the problem is likely the connector. I have two probably working Airport Extreme cards on sale for not much if anyone is interested.

My second option was a Netgear PC Card (the WG511T) there are drivers made by Orangeware and a lot of success stories with that same card. I thought I was all set. Unfortunately it was not so. The card is recognized I even get a new port in my network configurations, but for some unknown reason, I can't see my wireless Network. I wrote to the company to see they can help. But I am discourage. It seems my laptop has bigger hardware problems than previously predicted... I still don't know what I will do.

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I am watching the race, clearly the Ferraris are still out of pace and with Kimi's engine problems Alonso returns in force to the championship, more power to him. I have been out of the loop, mostly because of my laptop problems. More about those later.
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