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Friday, July 1, 2005

All your DNS are belong to US
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Gabo sends this disturbing flash animation. You can handle the bulimic-sillicon-enhanced woman and station her in all sort of weird poses...
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Microsoft to Pay I.B.M. $775 Million to Settle Antitrust Claims. Destroy a multi billion dollars business through illegal practices, pay less than a billion, make more than 40 billion. I'll say it was a good deal all around. Crime does pay!
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What a day! What a life!

One heck of a day today. For starters I went to a the Introduction of the New BMW Series 3

In a beautiful house in the best part of town

Then we moved ourselves to the introduction of the new Ferrari F430 and the new Masserati

Pity it didn't make it...

Here are some more pictures on the night I saw cars, drank champagne, met Miss Venezuela, and ended up in a trendy bar.

(To be continued)
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Sun debuts its first laptop. Blog: It's doesn't have the sexy attitude of a Sun Fire V40z or the power of a Sun Fire E25K, but Sun Microsystems is just as proud... [CNET News.com]
I remember desiring a SUN laptop. I am pretty sure they had one advertised in the early nineties, not sure if it was just vaporware...
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Last rites for Windows 2000?. Windows 2000 moves to Extended Support as Update Rollup 1 for Service Pack 4 is released. Is this the end of the line for Win2K?
By eric@arstechnica.com (Eric Bangeman).
[Ars Technica]
Half the Business Windows users use Windows 2000. Isn't Micro$ucks providing another opening for Linux. Pity SUN has no constancy or perspective on things.
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