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Monday, June 27, 2005

Why I Am Not A Christian
by Bertrand Russell
[Via Jerry Kindal]
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Why is this article labeled tech for women? It criticizes the iPod for lack of volume and talks about a player that has an amplifier and it's sold only in Japan. The writer is dumb to assume that women are dumb about tech. European and US laws limit the power of portable devices, any device that's louder than the iPod is violating those laws. The iPod, by the way, doesn't skip or distort at high volumes, that must be something in your brain...
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Tit of justice reinstated by Supreme Torturer Gonzales. Cory Doctorow: The US's new Supreme Torturer Alberto Gonzales has removed the $8,000 drapes that his predecessor, John Ashcroft, caused to have hung over the bare tit of the statue of the Spirit of Justice in the DoJ's Great Hall.

The drapes, installed in 2002 at a cost of $8,000, allowed then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to speak in the Great Hall without fear of a breast showing up behind him in television or newspaper pictures. They also provoked jokes about and criticism of the deeply religious Ashcroft.


(Thanks, monobrau!) [Boing Boing]

What is it about these people concern with stone tits? Are they excited by it? I thought this issue was all played out around the time of the renaissance.
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The X-Server cannot be started on display :0

Downloaded and installed Solaris 10. What a PoS! Sun can't make an installer worth spit, they can't even make a boot screen that can be look at without thinking What century is this again?. Does anyone designing Solaris has taken a single look at Windows or Linux or Mac OS X? It looks like they either have not or they do not understand it. Of course, the thing bombs with the error message that titles this post. Yes, I think I know how to fix that... But I really do not have the time. Going back to Windows was a relieve after that...
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MacJournals (MDJ and MWJ) has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. even though I dropped my subscription over what I consider inconvenient subscription terms (Price is not per issue, but per period. If they publish less (even cero!) issues in a period you have to complaint to get your money back), I still thought it had the best analysis of Apple and its core (Mac) business. I think MacJournals have made several mistakes in the past few years (for example, its decision not to cover Apple Music business, which has force them to cover it when they need it to explain something related) and its publication record is still very bad (5 issues published of MDJ since May 30 until today, they promised 2 to 5 issues per week, that gives a minimum of 8 issues, and a maximum of 20 wich I doubt they have ever done), but nothing beats what they have publish about the Mactel transition deal. First, they said it was impossible for Apple to move to Intel. Then they spun it to sound as if they didn't say that and now they are criticizing any one who says people should wait to buy Macs. The straw man argument they created is that we are saying it is dangerous to buy a PowerPC Mac (even the quote from their target analyst does not say that). They "debunk" this "myth" by saying it will be more dangerous to buy the few Intel Macs next year. Their argument is the basic that Mac software from now until a couple of years will surely run on PowerPC but not necessarily so on Intel Macs. But think about it. In three to five years the only macs available will be Intel Macs, by that time if you need a machine it will have Intel Inside, so you are going to transition! Does it make sense to buy now a PowerPC? It may make sense when you are talking about the last PowerPC, but now? It doesn't make sense. You may decide to transition to another system and to make an inform decision you need more information. That's why it makes sense to wait (if you can). Next year, you may decide for a PowerPC (skipping the first versions of Intel Macs and its problems) or you may decide you had enough transitions and move to Longhorn...

The other "myth" they debunk is the one that says that Apple has lost market share with each transition. They admit it's happened, they just argue it wasn't because of the transition(s). They point to things like the release of Windows 3.1. They are correct, but they won't admit the transition didn't help. It also doesn't help if the transitions are done by necessity (most of them are). Their point about Windows 3.1 sent chills down my spine. After all, Longhorn will be released in the middle of this transition. Sadly, I think MacJournals have lost it. Their insightful analysis has gone the way of the dinosaur.
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Hollywood prevails in MGM v. Grokster. The Supreme Court has done what no other court would do: side with Hollywood in the MGM v. Grokster battle. For whom does the bell toll? By caesar@arstechnica.com (Ken "Caesar" Fisher). [Ars Technica]
This is the beginning of the end for the US technical superiority. Do they think P2P will stop just because it is not permitted in the US? The rest of the world will just have another advantage. China will kick the US asses...
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Five Secrets for a Happy Man

1. It's important to find a woman that shares with you the responsibility and workload of the home, and that also has a good job.

2. It's important to find a happy woman, that enjoys going out, dancing, and that makes you laugh.

3. It's important to find a sweet and tender woman who is dependable and affectionate without being controlling, and that never lies.

4. It's important to find a woman who is a good lover and that adores having sex with you.

5. It's very, very important... that these four women never meet each other!
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