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Sunday, June 26, 2005

An interesting story about the F1 Fiasco. Apparently, Toyota knew ahead of time about the Michelin problem, due to an ex-Michelin employee that now works for them. This reinforces the idea of a bigger plot to help the planned runaway series. make a mockery of F1 during these last three years. It's up to F1 to really step down and crush this plot.
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Stoddard threatens F1 with boycott if rules are enforced. what a way to view fair play! If this no penalties are given it will be view as a successful threat and F1 will become like wrestling. Entertainment disguised as sport. If penalties are given and the teams go ahead with this threat it could be the end of F1. Talk about brining the sport into disrepute! I hope the FIA sues Stoddard first.
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Worry. But Don't Stress Out.. Computer data experts acknowledge that while there will continue to be breaks in security, a catastrophe is unlikely. By HENRY FOUNTAIN. [NYT > Technology]
Interesting. Will we have a massive catastrophe or just a small portion of fraud? I don't believe in the massive catastrophe. But I do think merchants have to worry, users do not on the other hand, but newspaper articles will scare people more than merchants. People have options, merchants less so.
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