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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Amazon, like Google, gets transcendental. Blog: In e-commerce, transcendental numbers are all the rage. Google, which prides itself on its Ph.D. population, started... [CNET News.com]

I am unsure whether this is good or bad. On one hand, mathematics gets exposure, on the other, people may think it is all fun and games. It isn't. Math makes the world go 'round.
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HP uses AMD in 64-bit laptop line. HP launches a laptop line based on AMD's Turion 64. I guess now we'll find out just how much the business market cares about battery life.
By hannibal@arstechnica.com (Hannibal). [Ars Technica]
So, the first 64 bit laptops won't come from Apple just like I predicted. The article is very unfair. I think that the reason we are not looking at the convenience of 64 bits is because it hasn't been developed yet (i.e., Intel can't do it, Microsoft just did it). My laptop has 1.5 GB of memory, how many years will pass until having more than 4GB will be an advantage? There is also an speed advantage if the OS is prepared to use it. These laptops are also very cheap. Their only drawback is battery life, which is probably comparable to Apple's laptops and way below what Intel offers. Overall, sad for Apple, good for HP.
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I've been hearing podcasts for about a year now. I think podcast should be done in the bookmarkable AAC format so you can pause, sincronize, and retake them were you left off without any problems. Unfortunately, most of them are in boring mp3 format and a lot of player do not give the choice of using AAC (even though there are no fees involved in supporting that format). You can always change them to AAC with iTunes (and listen with an iPod), you need to get the Make Bookmarkable Script and remember to do both steps before starting to liste to it. So, what are my favorite podcasts? I listen to Inside Mac Radio, TWIT, and The Gillmor Gang, but my favorite has to be BBC's In Our Time. They talk about a large variety of cultural topics, from science to literature to art. Really nice. I also listen to IT Conversations, but there the quality varies a lot in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, you have something like an interview with Steve Wozniak that isn't a big deal, next you have some unknown guy telling a great story. It's good. But nothing compares to In Our Time. I use iPodder to manage my podcast, but I am really looking forward to iTunes 4.9 and its podcast support. I bet I'll be able to download, transform to AAC and make it Bookmarkable in one step. I'll be happy.
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Max Mosley: Michelin should pay the fans. I would love to hear someone contradicting all his points one by one... I don't think anyone can do that without lying or sounding crazy.
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