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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Binary manicure. Xeni Jardin:

This is so 0111001101110111011001010110010101110100. Spells the wearer's name in binary code. Link to post on Warren Ellis' blog. [Boing Boing]

Really kewl! I'd love to get my nails done... je je...
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As proof of Apple's lack of focus. I have already commented that there has been no info on 64 bits in the new Intel processors (info like when will Mac OS X support 64 bit Intel processors, not info in the sense of "I guess they are going to use such and such processor"). Nevertheless, it's singing the virtues of its disappearing 64 bit G5 Processors, by complimenting Wolfram Research on the 64 bit functions of Mathematica. It says: "When you are working with data sets where the amount of data is fixed and large, you dramatically improve the speed of the calculation with 64-bit addressing if all of the data can be stored in RAM to avoid disk swapping. Secondly, there are algorithms for which all of the data must be in memory. You get much richer output if you can apply your algorithm to 8GB of data instead of, say 500MB. It is as if you move from a pixelated low resolution view of the world to a smooth high resolution view." Do you understand? I sure don't...
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Switch Different

[From User Friendly]
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I have read the comments and opinions about how the movie of Tiger x86 running on a Dell is a fake, and that the iso files claiming to be Tiger are only Pr0n. I can't make definite comments here. But I can say this about the movie: I have no idea if it could be done with some sort of superimposition of images (or how hard that would be). It could be done with VNC, but I don't see clearly that it is or that it isn't. It can't be done with PearPC (it doesn't run Tiger. As an aside, PearPC runs really poorly even on the fastest PC, they should get hold of that Transitive technology used in Rosetta). The comments about the "About Box" and things of that kind are really stupid and I won't press on with that.

I can also say this. I have seen a DVD that is supposed to contain Tiger for x86. It looks legit. I don't know if it can be installed in some, or any Intel machines out there, but I should know more by the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to Pakea (the restaurant in Galipan inside Avila National Park) with a friend to celebrate... err... Something we'll think on our way there. So, finding the truth will have to wait. Just didn't want to leave you hanging... That's Windows job...

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90% of humanity's works of art are in Italy, 90% of humanity ignore this, 90% of pigeons know this... There is a lesson here...
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Today I saw a woman with a T-Shirt that said "Guess", so I did... "You have small tits!" and she slapped me for no reason!
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