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Monday, June 13, 2005

I wonder if it's possible to get Osborned by rumors. For example, rumors that your future product is actually 5x faster than it really is. Even if you execute perfectly, you'll be punished for the "failure". [Hack the Planet]
This happened to Apple a few years back. One of those Fan sites that presumably love Apple so much started an unfounded rumors about new laptops. When the rumors didn't materialized it blame Apple for a failure to execute. Sales dropped sharply. This is a lesson who those who think they won't free fall now. If rumors made it imagine announcements!
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Got a secret? Mail a postcard to this blog.

My wife should start a blog. She came down to tell me about a blog where you can reveal a deep secret (some of the cards are adult in nature). That gives me a great idea about what to do with all those Channel 9 postcards (we've gotten hundreds of them from people who want a Channel 9 guy).

[Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger]
Of course, it may not longer be a secret if you send the Postcard...
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Michael Jackson Is Acquitted on All Counts in Molestation Case. The complete acquittal ends a nearly four-month trial that featured 140 witnesses whose testimony painted Michael Jackson as either pedophile or Peter Pan. By JOHN M. BRODER. [NYT > Home Page]
Has any really rich person been convicted of anything in the US (except Tax evasion)?
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My nephew Bernardo made a iPod shuffle case from an Altoids can. It's pretty neat. What should we name it? Altoidsik? Just InCase? AltoiPod? Altoids shuffle? Sorry about the extra photoshopped picture but the lightning was a killer for the over saturation of the brand new white iPod shuffle. The pictures were taken with my Nokia 7610 Camera phone.
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Some Cafe Owners Pull the Plug on Lingering Wi-Fi Users. Some cafes are cutting back on the free wi-fi Internet connections because laptop users sit at tables all day and purchase very little. By GLENN FLEISHMAN. [NYT > Technology]
Interesting problem. On one hand, Wi-Fi does get more customer to come in at strange times. On the other it is not the customer you may want, nor the high expender, nor the ambient maker. I bet there are other intelligent solutions out there...
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