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Saturday, June 11, 2005

I have to agree with John Kheit when he talks about the Mac Punditry being Deranged and Dumb on any Processor. Here are some choice quotes:

Only in the Mac community can the justifications for and against a given position flip-flop overnight with such fervor.

This about-face whiplash can be evinced by the number of half-baked articles that have been written in short order purporting that "if you buy a PPC based Mac today, the fact that Intel machines are coming around the corner should not concern you."

Software vendors will abandon support for PPC machines as soon as it makes business sense to do so.

People do not buy computers only for how it will serve them today, but for how capable it will be in serving them for their desired term of use.

Here's a seismic change for the platform and all the collected intelligentsia can do is to tell you to go shopping without identifying any potential costs and/or issues that the platform change presents. Ridiculous. I cannot imagine any other industry where the collective "experts" would react to such a huge and impending change in technology by instructing everyone to blithely march forth making purchases with the general advice being: "don't worry, be happy" and that "this changes nothing." It's as if filling the coffers of the vendor in question is more important than the needs and/or concerns of the consumer.

Very much worth reading.

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