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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

As he said...
Some people think that Intel-based Macs will be cheaper. Here's a counter-argument: Imagine a Power Mac G5. Now imagine a comparable Dell dual Xeon. The price is probably about the same. Now imagine a comparable Intel Mac; it has exactly the same components as the Dell machine except it's made by Apple. It has to cost more than the Dell because of higher margins, (lack of) economy of scale, etc. [Hack the Planet]

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Laptops and Desktops made in Venezuela! Saw one today and it looks very nice, priced very competitive. It is amazing what these guys are doing. I mean, anyone can make half-decent Desktop, but beautiful designed Laptops? Even a Tablet PC! Very Cool. I may have found my next machine.
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Think same

Here's to the boring ones.
The bland.
The tedious.
The vapid.
The square pegs in the square holes.
The ones who can't see further than the ends of their noses.

They're fond of rules.
And they worship Status Quo.
You can yawn at them, agree with them, forget them,
go along with them or be forced to accept them.
About the only thing you can't do is have an alternative.

Because they keep things the same.
They stagnate. They hold back. They fester.
They decline. They expire.
They hold the human race back.

Maybe they have to be boring.
How else can you stare at Vin Diesel and see art
Or listen to Britney Spears and hear beautiful music?
Or gaze at another country and want to conquer it?

We make tools for these kinds of people.
While some see them as the boring ones, we see them as a ticket to a fat back hander.

Because the people who are boring enough to think they can hold the world back,
are the ones who inherit the earth.
Think same

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One of the first news about the Intel based machines developers will be getting in two weeks. From an inside source: "Let's just say that currently, Windows XP can be installed on the developer transition systems." The only question left is if the Mac OS X version that runs on that machine will run in a yellow labeled PC...
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Picking up the pieces: John Siracusa mourns the Power PC.

Q: Will x86 Macs come with a two-buttons mouse?
A: Hey, we're just taking about moving an entire platform to a new CPU architecture (again). Let's not get crazy!

Apple's CPUs may no longer be slower than the competition, but they also give up any hope of being faster.

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