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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

'Hacker' faces extradition battle. A British man wanted in the US for suspected computer hacking is arrested and faces extradition proceedings. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

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Apple intel insideA few more thoughts on the Apple Intel thing are in order. First, few people has seen what is behind it. I have to options for you. One, that IBM has made it clear to Apple they will not emphasize G5 dev over Cell and consoles. So Apple, really, had no choice. Two, that Apple wants to make Windows computers in order to gain market share. Mac OS X will die unless it is much faster much better than anything after Longhorn, which I doubt. So, Apple looks at the numbers... iPods for Mac a million sold in a year, iPods for Windows 5 million in a quarter and thinks, what would happen if we sold our machines with Windows? The first step is building machines that can run Windows. We'll have them next year (developers will have it in two weeks!). After a few market share points are gain, Apple stars selling Windows directly. How many more machines will they sell? I say a lot. But the chances of Mac OS X surviving are nill unfortunately. I'll mantain it for a while and it will be a pleasure running Mac OS X for most things, but having Windows for the other Apps (hey I may get my next mac from work!). We'll see what the future holds, but very likely it holds Windows.
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The Cuba Diet.

What will you be eating when the revolution comes?
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