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Monday, June 6, 2005

Apple is dead. Jerry nails everything except the buying a Mac now. Sure, whoever needs it will buy a machine, but if you can wait, you will wait. Perhaps some will buy them now thinking they won't be able to get PowerPCs later, but I doubt it. It will be a rocky year for Apple and once it loses its Wall Street Darling status it will fall in the Apple will go bankrupt. We just have to wait and see, but I've already made decisions that are negative to Apple...
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Doc's firsts thoughts about the Intel-Apple thing are interesting, but he misses one big point I haven't seen elsewhere. While Apple has obliterated the processor comparison, they will still have a huge disadvantage: Price. You see, Apple will never be able to compete with Dell on price much better than it has (is a question of volume more than components), but now it has lost an important difference about its computers. Pretty simple to ask: "Why is Apple computer 76$ more expensive than Dell if the specs are exactly the same?"
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The World most common Warning Label, soon in a Mac near you! but far from me...
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TinyScreenfuls.com - Apple on Intel - It's Official!.

I posted this much earlier but Radio had other ideas... So I was wrong and Apple is switching to Intel x86. It seems those chips are better than PowerPC despite what Apple has been telling us all these years. So, CISC is better than RISC. Proof? Look at the Power PC apps running in x86, that's much better than the emulation of Virtual PC... Who would have thought? Well, as Bush would say, fool me once and it's your fault, fool me twice and then I'm... Well, you can't fool me twice! I buy a Mac once a year. This year I won't buy another Mac. I won't buy or recommend a Mac until this transition is over. Why risk it? I need two questions answered before I consider a Mac again. First, How will they stop people from running Mac OS X on other Intel machines? Second, If Windows runs on the Mac, what will keep Adobe from saying "We don't offer Photoshop for the Mac, just reboot into Windows, the Industry Standar"? Even if it is in Virtual PC (Which should run nicely now) nobody will develop for Mac OS X. I will consider my options, but more likely I will go to Linux, and if I can run Mac OS X on another brand I won't buy from Apple again, teh options are just too many. I could get a Tablet PC, or even run Longhorn... I mean, if I am going to go through another transition, just when I thought I was done... Why bother keeping the same thing? Especially if is not that different and it isn't telling the truth. I have been wrong before, but I don't have to insist on a mistake again.
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Guess what? I agree with Ballmer... Hell has frozen over...
Ballmer on Apple-Intel news: Whatever. Blog: ORLANDO--Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's reaction to Apple's decision to use Intel processors can be summed up in two words:...

Ballmer also suggested that the chip change could reduce the number of applications available on Mac OS. "There's more applications available for Windows than there are on Apple. All a chip change could do is probably slow that down because maybe there would be a big disruption with your ISV community?There's more training, knowledge, management on how to implement networks," Ballmer said. "What changes? I don't know."

[CNET News.com]

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Apple to switch to SUN Chips!
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