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Sunday, June 5, 2005

The New York Times says this
Apple Plans to Switch From I.B.M. to Intel for Chips. The move is a chesslike gambit in a turf war that pits the personal computer industry against an emerging world of consumer electronics focused on the digital home. By By JOHN MARKOFF and STEVE LOHR. [NYT > Home Page]
Which is just a rehash of what others have said. Here is a different take:
I'll See You Intel.

Speculation on the explosive reports that Apple is going to switch the Mac to Intel processors.

[Daring Fireball]
And more intelligent details than elsewhere
Intel-Apple Odds and Ends.

A few miscellaneous notes and questions on the Apple-Intel story.

[Daring Fireball]
Nothing to do but wait until tomorrow.
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Since everybody is talking about Apple moving to Intel I have to do it too. It still doesn't make sense. My bet is it will be either something smaller (Apple using WiMax or a x86 based Darwin server) or much bigger (a new device, something unpredictable, hopefully more than a Tablet PC or a Video player iPod). But Apple moving from PowerPC to x86 makes little sense, Why move to a 32bit plattform after already using 64 bit technology? What will you tell your high end customers? "You don't need that much memory" (jedi mind tricks do not work in this galaxy). Who will buy computers with Power PC from here until the Intel Macs will be ready? Not me. If this is the announcement, it will be followed by my announcement that my next computer won't be a Mac. I'll consider Longhorn and Linux, since the hardware will be Intel anyway, I'll buy my laptop from Alienware (maybe my desktops too). The argument that the Wall Street Journal can't be wrong doesn't fly with me. It has been wrong before, so has Scoble. I'd love them to be ashamed by this, but I bet by tomorrow there will be two scenarios: A wholesale switch of Macs to x86, and I'll be ashamed, or enough of an announcement for these guys to spin it into a "That's what we meant" story.
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If You Can Make It in Silicon Valley, You Can Make It . . . in Silicon Valley Again. For high-tech entrepreneurs who hit it big in the 1990's, once isn't enough. By By GARY RIVLIN. [NYT > Technology]

Never worked in Silly Con Valley, but this article brought back memories of old times where job offers and dreams of riches were aplenty...

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