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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Cell phones as Credit Cards [Slashdot:]

This is something so obvious I do not understand why it isn't more common. Our phone is a better authentification tool than anything else we have out there. It can be so many things. With bluetooth it could be even more. There are security concerns here but none is a deal breaker. It has to be done correctly. Using a mixture of data and text it can be anything you carry: Debit card, cash, check, credit card, photo ID, etc. Your phone company gets your money every month. What is holding them from being your bank?
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Another Mac Security Thumbs-Up [MacSlash]
That said, what is the platform of choice for those in the Computer Security Industry? Many are using Macs. If you don't believe me, then go talk to Kelly Martin over at Security Focus. Or even Winn Schwartau at The Security Awareness Company. Why not use the system the security professional use for a living?

Why not indeed? If you make the decision to buy computers, look at the Mac if security is important (if it isn't think about what you are doing). Some people do not have a choice, either a computer is bought for them at work or they need some software that doesn't run on Mac OS X. At any rate, even these people should start yelling at their IT department (give me security or give me Mac support), at software makers (give me choice), and to Microsoft (give me choice, security and Mac Software!).
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